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. Analyze the opportunities for small businesses and compare them to the opportunities for big businesses
In the U. S, THE Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is responsible for ensuring that small businesses including those belonging to minority groups are given the minimum practicable contracting opportunities. The agency negotiates for contracts on behalf of the small businesses. In addition, the agency organizes business seminars for small businesses encouraging them to explore the market place. On the other hand, opportunities for big businesses differ. Most Latin American companies are facing unfair competition because their markets are not protected. As a result, there will be a complete change whereby big businesses from protected economies will be opened to the global economy. This business will be required to be more entrepreneurial and will have to leverage the local knowledge with their customers (Bridge, O’Neill, & Cromie, 2003).
2. Evaluate the fairness of small-business preference programs.
Preference programs require the government to buy general contractors and agents to award businesses. Small businesses are always given between 10% – 25% of these contracts. The biggest winners of these companies are big businesses. Over 50% of the contracts are usually awarded to big external companies. City of Orlando is a good example where 61% of the $35 million in minority preference contracts were awarded to outside-based companies. The Orange County also gave half of its $70 million in minority-preference contracts to external companies. As a result, the exact money awarded to these companies could not be counted. However, the officials of the agency admitted that there was illegal siphoning of money by big companies. There was no effort by the government to spot the fraud and there was no prosecution of discovered fronts (Worthington & Goldsman, 1984).
3. Differentiate between business sizes and analyze the opportunities for small businesses.
Whenever I hear of the word big business, the first word that appears on my mind is structure. This refers to policy manuals, job descriptions, leadership hierarchies and high-tech meetings. The mention of the term small business invokes the opposite structure: a business that does not have a structure. In a big company, employees do not work for married couples or even multiple bosses. They also do not deal with the relatives of the boss or friends. This is exactly opposite when it comes to a small business where the above things are the order of the day. The histories, social circles and relationships always hinder employees of small businesses from navigating (Stanberry, 2009).

Evaluate common small-business preference programs.

The Small Business Administration was established in the year of 1953 with an aim of helping small businesses to strengthen the economy. The program has undergone evolution over the years without being successful in achieving its initial objective. It primary objective was to assist Americans start and expand their businesses. This was through the provision of guarantees for bank loans. They also had programs aimed at helping small businesses to grow and become competitive as well as diversify their markets (Stanberry, 2009).

CCR-The Ultimate Preference

The government of U. S is the leading single purchaser of services and products in the world. Every contract issued has a consideration for the qualified small businesses. The contractor who qualifies must meet the requirements. A small business has to be registered with the country’s Contractor Registry in order for it to qualify. The registration process only takes one hour (Worthington & Goldsman, 1984).

Business Development Assistance

This is the largest program. It involves extensive process of application, which takes almost six months to complete. Some firms offer application assistance for a fee of up to $10, 000. However, this is optional. This program is beneficial because it certifies small and disadvantaged businesses and gives priority during bidding on the set-aside programs. Training is always provided at the district levels (Stanberry, 2009).

Use technology and information resources to research issues in contract administration and management.

Contract administration and management involves high risks. These risks are associated with both the management, which is sometimes inadequate, and the contractors who fail to be accountable. Most contracts continue to experience high-risk budgeting problems accruing from management oversight of contractors. Another issue in contract administration and management is the problem of costs, which end up exceeding the original estimated costs. This is primarily because of ineffective and poor contract administration and management. The increase in the costs of projects leads to a prolonged delay in the implementation and completion of the projects (Stanberry, 2009).

Write clearly and concisely about contract administration and management using proper writing mechanics.

Contract administration and management are terms used to describe the government’s activities after awarding a contract to determine the performance of the contractor and that of the government in qualifying for the contract. It entails all activities between the contractor and the government from the time the time the contractor is awarded the contract to the time the contract is completed or terminated, payment to the contractor, until the time when the two parties have resolved all the disputes. Contract administration is that process of procurement when the government affirms that it receives what it paid for. Contract administration focuses on acquiring services and supplies of the required quality; this has to be done at the stipulated period and within the initial budget (Stanberry, 2009).


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