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Desired Product

Producer Coca Cola Company
Product Strategy
The company is unique when it comes to the coke brand. As a result, the company develops various types of the coke brand in order to satisfy different customers’ needs. An outstanding example is the coke zero and the original coke brand. In addition, the company also packs the product in various can sizes that making it to look unique.

Place Strategy

Coca Cola Company segments its coke product geographically. In fact, the company has various retail shops all over the world. It utilizes FMCG distribution pattern in order to distribute its coke brand to its retail points all over the world. The efficiency of the distribution network plays a major role in ensuring every consumer enjoys the brand wherever he or she lives.

Promotion Strategy

Coca Cola Company applies various promotion strategies in marketing coke brand. For instance, the company sponsors college and school’s main events using its brand with an aim of increasing its market share for the brand. Nevertheless, the company also utilizes campaigns to promote the coke brand. An outstanding example is share coke promotion campaign in which the company involved various groups of people to market the product (Roush all).

Pricing Strategy

Coca Cola Company pricing strategy takes care of all social classes thus the company focuses on offering the coke brand at an affordable price. Nevertheless, the company also decreases it prices for the brand in order to grab the market share relative to their competitors. In most cases, the company lowers coke prices when it wants to penetrate new markets that are sensitive to prices.

Global Mkt. Strategy

Coca Cola focuses on having as many marketing points as possible in the world. The main aim of the company is to make people enjoy the coke brand in their locality. In order to enhance this, the company utilizes the new technology, improved transport links and communication. Ideally, this helps the company to access many international markets. Nevertheless, the company also markets the product through the internet via its website and social media to create coke awareness to various people around the world. In so doing, the company is able to grow and develop to various foreign markets (Roush all).

Success/failure – Why? Explain.

The coke brand has been very successful in the world market following the tireless efforts of the company to market and distribute the brand early in advance. The brand remains one of the most successful drinks in the entire world. For instance, the company’s income growth for the Coca Cola brand stood at 17. 5% in the year 2010.

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