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Position defense strategy

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Implementing the Position Defense strategy by doing the strategic alliance with the Wall-Mart in order to share the informationtechnologysystem and supply chain management Recommendations The Lobar Companies Limited can use the resource of information technology system, which is Electronic Data Interchange form the Wall-Mart in order to improve the own inventory problem and supply chain management. Vendors can know our sales and in stock levels.

The company can know whenfoodthat is stocked in the inventory will be expired; they can eliminate the stale-date food. Vendors will get the constant amount of orders from the company and delivery to our company on time. Hence, the company can provide the fresh food to the customers. After the company provide the fresh food with full shelves to customers, the customers will have positive attitudes toward the company that lead the increasing in Labials brand image.

Moreover, the two companies, Lobar Companies Limited and Wall-Mart Superstores, can also share the transportations to each other. If the Lobar have to delivery the products from the distribution centers to the stores while the unavailable manufacturers’ trucks and own fleets, the company can ask the Wall-Mart Superstores for using their trucks to ship the products. Hence, the company can reduce the opportunity cost of waiting own trucks to ship goods.

Strategic Intent To become the market leader domestically and internationally in the supermarket industry Strategic Mission Lobar Companies Limited is manufacturer and distributor of food, non-food, photoshop, dry cleansing, a bank, medical clinic, women’s-only fitness center, and gas station (some stores) in supermarket industry by providing one-stop shopping estimation with several services to consumers in Canada.

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