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Business plan

Executive summary
The main purpose of this business plan is to analyze internal and external environmental factors that affect a business that are offering fast foods. The fast food industries are categorized among the top growing industries in Saudi Arabia and the rest the countries. Therefore, it is significant to analyze that SWOT analysis so that we can determine the optimal level of the resources that can be used to increase profitability as well as improving customer relations. In addition, the plan conducts the market analysis by indicating a target audience in the market.

Among the wide variety of the dates’ products that are offered by BAAM Maamoul Company, the Maamoul is the dominating product. Maamoul is Middle Eastern pastry with a slightly brittle layer. They are small dome-shaped, ball shaped or flattened shortbread pastries are made up of pistachios, dates or walnuts. This product is commonly consumed in Gulf countries and in Lavintine Causine. This product is most preferred by customers to other competing snack products because they are relatively healthy and are natural and taste delicious.

Competitive advantages

Our competition will fundamentally be based on on-campus Maamoul shops, downtown eateries and food outlets. We aim to have competitive actions, but the company’s food outlets and shops will facilitate the competition since our main focus will be on producing healthy and testy Maamoul.
Another competitive edge will be based on overall differentiation and quality of our product, and ensure that the environment is clean and an comfortable and conducive seating area. The floor on the seating area are made up of high-quality tile while walls will be decorated with golden yellow, white and brown colour to represent the middle eastern culture (Sabry, 2012). Our Maamoul products all have affordable price, finest quality and are well refined to enhance the delicacy and taste of our products.
On the cost leadership, we are not lagged behind since we are striving to offer our Maamoul at price that cannot be attained by our main competitors. In order to facilitate this, our stores are efficient and are in a position to keep the operating cost as low as possible. Apart from the cost leadership, we also strive to deliver our products on speedy basis and make the recipe simple to all the chefs.

Market segmentation

– Psychographic segmentation:
This segment is divided into two categories; Convenience and lifestyle. MAAM has placed itself to a position that it can fulfill convenience and lifestyle their consumers. For the vegetarian the company has developed products that do not contain meat, only vegetables. The company also offers a favorable environment to relax and also entertainment.
– Demographic Segmentation:
The demographic segmentation of MAAM Company will be concentrated on children, families, married couples and students. MAAM offers differentiated Maamaul products like Maamaul Kids that will contain more and yet healthy sugar for the favor of the kids. For the families, the company has made different food outlets and stores which are appropriate for drive-thru and takeaways (Sabry, 2012). Our company has also has made a conducive environment which is favorable for married couples and students of school to hang out with their friends.
– Behavioral segmentation:
The behavioral segment contains Occasions such as Birthday Parties and dating events. Our company attracts more customers by differentiating the Maamaul products that are suitable for different occasions.
In order to obtain Sustainable Advantage over their competitors MAAM Company has developed new and modified products that contain low cholesterol to achieve the health standards. The company should also focus on Differentiation of Maamaul with an aim to increase its market size by applying penetration pricing technique (Sabry, 2012). This technique involves introducing products that have favorable prices which is lower that offered by their market competitors. By implementing these techniques, the company can be able to achieve their market objective and increase their revenue through increased sales.

SWOT analysis

Widespread advertising strategy: MAAM is aiming to continue spending a larger portion of its revenue on advertisement, more than the other fast food in the industry.

MAAM Company has successfully targeted the very young children through offering toys, promotional candies, playgrounds, and entertainment.

Menus that are well adapted by the local people: since the company is operating in the business environment that has various diverse cultures, there are Maamoul products that have different tastes. The ability of this company to produce Maamoul, with different tastes suitable for diverse culture can therefore be considered as company’s strength.
Brand recognition: our company’s brand is the most recognized and valued brand in the Fast Food Industry because Maamoul is natural, delicious and healthier than the other snacks (Collins, 2005).
Acquiring partnership with the best brand: the company had collaborated with other major companies such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Dannon Yogurt to facilitate its business.


High employee turnover: the company is commonly faced by a challenge of receiving low skilled workers. Therefore, the company is required to train them at an additional cost that raises their overall operational cost.
Negative publicity: the company is heavily constrained by the public view that Maamoul is unhealthy to the customers, and it is a stimulant to obesity especially among young and adult youths.
Low differentiation: due to concentration of one type of the product, the company is no longer able to significantly differentiate itself from other companies in the industry. Instead of adding suitable features on their product, the company competes on the pricing level.
Unhealthy food menu: Although the company tries to develop and improve healthier choices in its menu, the menu is mostly characterized of compliments that are unhealthy to the customers. Such menu faces many barriers as organization fighting obesity strongly restricts their production, and hence productivity.


MAAM Company can adapt fully in its new practices such redesigning new company as well as its logo. Therefore the company should finish remodeling and adapt the best practices in them.
Increasing demand for healthier food: the company is in a position to reverse its weakness of offering unhealthy products to offer health ones. This will enable the company to capture a larger portion of the customers in the industry.
For every company that represents new needs improve and changes customer habits and this must be met by any other business. So far, the company has been very successful in changing customer habits as well as the need of earlier unexploited customer groups.

MAAM Company can exploit an opportunity of home meal delivery to increase its reach to customers and improve its services.

Currently the issue of eating healthy has hit every corner of news. The tread towards healthy eating now has become an issue and a threat in MAAM Company.
MAAM Company dominated in snacks market in the developed economies. However, in developed regions snacks industries are already overcrowded in the market chain and this already proves to be one of the threat that MAAM Company barely experienced.

MAAM Company experience local threat from its competing snacks industry chains.

MAAM Company has been affected by currency fluctuations.
This analysis will provide strategic that MAAM Company will work vision on recommendations and opportunities in mapping out a strategic plan. This will help the management to hone in on the right course of action to influence the business’s unique characteristics. Therefore the management will turn threats into strength and corresponding strengths with opportunities. Hence, MAAM Company will be powerful in current marketplace as well as maximizing chances of success.


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