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SALEH ALOTHMAN Week 4 So far the discussion within the module has stressed organizational theory and patterns and ways of learning about the research methods best suited to tackling work place problems. In the write-up for the first week particular work place problems were recognized. Together with this we looked at the creation of new knowledge and how this could make substantial positive improvements within organisations. Knowledge is the means of obtaining success and wealth and, with a constantly altering marketplace and an ever expanding and competitive milieu , the requirement for new knowledge is imperative, as is the process of sharing and communicating what is now known. I was able to focus on what I saw as the major problem , i. e. the motivation levels of employees together with the relationships between management and employees. Within In the second week write-up, the discussion was about how KFIC lacks good levels of employee motivation and communications and how this situation could be helped by the setting up and use of internal blogs. It was felt We felt first of all that there was a need to create a cost-effective environment which would enable employees to share their observations and experiences with others in a simple way and on a regular basis. At present this is limited to the situations within the work environment. Employees are encouraged to discuss openly the problems that occur and the ways used to find optimum solutions. It has been found that employees are well able to come up with plausible and workable solutions to the problems that arise.  My case is that if employees are well motivated, they will achieve more. Because of poor motivation levels the employee/management relationships were getting worse. Employees do not feel able to approach the leaders easily and so they are not able to discuss problems when they arise. This means that leaders are rendered unable to know what is going on and so assign employees to deal with matters. Employees are not being given the power to make discussions which will enable them to work more efficiently. “ How have the ideas covered so far in this module influenced how you would go about understanding your workplace based problem?” I found the week four write-up particularly difficult. I found however that by reading round the various topics , using both articles and books, I was gradually able to understand the various ideas and how differing research methods are used. Reading Johnson and Duberley (2000)on the subject of postmodernism we come to understand that postmodernist methods help, by using scientific methods, to expose previously hidden or overlooked facets of a topic. Postmodernism uses narrative to explain its standpoint. As far as knowledge creation is concerned linguistics, the language used, has been shown to play an important role. The authors discuss the myth that knowledge is created by using language. (Vattimo, 1992). Postmodernism challenged the approaches of the modernists or positivists. Instead it concentrates on relationships, both technical ones and social interactions. Also discussed was the positivist approach and the way in which this system tests an hypothesis and verifies it using scientific means. Measurements are checked very carefully in order to prove validity and reliability. Positivism helps to get at true facts and to quantify relationships between the various variables. Theories which have been put forward and the practices which accompany them are investigated, and then current situations would be investigated. . According to Thorpe and Hold (2008) it is a case of “ positivism versus the rest”. The authors go on to explain that data from existing research can be collected and then tested up against more established theories. The findings arrived at will then assist businesses to come up with the most appropriate recommendations and methods which would improve matters in problematic matters.. Positivism is the approach which can be observed as being often used frequently in the social sciences. Also in this discussion Thorpe and Halt in 2008 focus on action learning. They describe how  Raelin (1999) stated that action leaning as a method widely used by modern day organizations. It can be stressed within an organization that is also a learning environment. Martineau and Hannum (2004) describe how action learning is a “ collaborative inquiry process in which participants work and reflect on real problems with learning partners, producing a tangible outcome while at the same time learning from the experience”. Using this process on a day by day basis, job handling and the sorting out of any problems can be sorting can be practiced. Records are kept within an employee accessible knowledge base within organisations so that when related problems come up they can more easily and quickly be dealt with. Businesses where this is done are enabled to empower their employees, giving them suitable responsibilities and the employees in their turn are trained how to handle situations for themselves. These employees are able to use the knowledge that has been created and collected from various sources to better able to handle situations in the most effective ways. Summary The main focus of study has been on knowledge creation, together with the use of research methods which are appropriate for particular situations. Knowledge creation and the sharing of that knowledge has become part of the KFIC ethos.“ How have the ideas covered so far in this module influenced how you would go about resolving your workplace based problem?” I feel the paramount approach to be used is the positivist approach to research methods.  References JOHNSON , P. and DUBERLEY, J. (2000), Understanding Management Research, Los Angeles , Sage MATINEAU, J. and HANNUM, K., K. (2004), Evaluating the Impact of Leadership Development: A Professional Guide, Greensboro, NC,. Center for Creative Leadership, RAELIN, J. ( 1999) Work-based Learning: The New Frontier of Management Development, New Jersey, Addison Wesley  THORPE, R. and HOLT, R. (2008), The SAGE Dictionary of Qualitative Management Research, Los Angeles. Sage Publications, VATTIMO, G., ( 1992) The Transparent Society, Baltimore, John Hopkins University

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