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Pros and cons of hybrid vehicles

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For well over a century, the countries of the “ Western World” in addition to other various and highly ethnically diverse “ second world countries”, have used oil (Gasoline) to sustain transportation. However, a new competitor in the form of the “ Hybrid vehicle” has emerged on the scene. This informative essay will effectively highlight the potential benefits (pros) as well as “ Cons” of owning a “ Hybrid Vehicle”.

Presently, in our current day and age societal “ breakthroughs” in all aspects of technology from medical devices to “ Hybrid” and “ fuel efficient” vehicles (cars & trucks) are becoming the new “ norm”. Consequently, as society as a whole progresses towards efficiency, our “ Carbon Footprint” can drastically be reduced by the direct utilization and massive adoption and production of “ fuel efficient” (Hybrid) Cars as well as Trucks. Specifically as it directly applies to fuel efficient” (Hybrid) Cars as well as Trucks there are several benefits (Pros) to purchasing “ Hybrid” vehicles. To begin with, Hybrid vehicles have many benefits which include but are not limited to, environmental advantages.

Specifically, Hybrid vehicles help to benefit the Earth because, “ Hybrid cars help to keep the air clean especially in major urban areas where the gridlocked cities produce the most smog resulting in the accumulation of atmospheric pollutants” (Hunting. (2017, February 1). Furthermore, it has been reported that in some states, “ hybrid car tailpipes are considered so ‘ clean’ that they aren’t even required to undergo yearly emissions testing, which saves owners time, money, & hassle” (Hunting. (2017, February 1), this also helps to reduce overall car emission in the air & environment. Fuel efficient Hybrids induce cleaner energy simply because, a rather diminutive amount of Gasoline/Fuel (Gas) is used, however, “ most of the Hybrids energy is received and comes directly from energy in the form of electricity, thus such vehicles in turn creates less pollution than gas-only vehicles” (Almeida , A. (2013, November 11). Moreover “ Hybrid cars have a leg-up due to the fact that they almost never idle their gasoline motors” (http://luxuryhybridcar. weebly. com/benefit. html). This means that once it has rolled to a stop, the internal combustion engine under the hood of a hybrid car is instantly shut down to conserve fuel and eliminate emissions” (KSL Cars. (2015, January 30). This in turn leads to even more efficiency as well as less pollution emitted from those whom drive the Hybrid.

Still other are other benefits to owning a “ Hybrid” Vehicle these also include the decreased cost in the overall spending of currency on Oil (Gasoline). As it pertains to “ Hybrid” Vehicles, most can get well over “ 50 miles per gallon and using just one-third of gas as conventional cars” (Weaver, L. (2017, March 15). Another rather uplifting and “ positive” factor about the Hybrid vehicle is the fact that, the newer Hybrid cars have the technology to deliver “ maximum torque” almost instantaneously unlike their gasoline competitors. What this means as it essentially applies to vehicles is that, the motor doesn’t have to “ wait” in order to “ spool/rev up” power but instead this is available in the Hybrid cars and “ kicks in” automatically, soon as the accelerator is mashed to the floor.

Still even with all of the newly designed features/elements as well as the highly innovative technology put into the adaption/creation of Hybrid cars the pros to owning such a vehicle include “ Higher Resale Values” for those who want to sell their Hybrid vehicle. In addition, “ Weight Savings” as it relates to all Hybrid cars, is also a positive bonus to owning this type of vehicle simply because, the much newer hybrids are smaller cars and thus are equipped with smaller frames and lighter parts which allow Hybrid to be “ weight saving”. This is because the lighter a vehicle is the less gas/electricity and more mileage is created and the car is capable of traveling even further. Most importantly, “ Tax incentives” including automakers which now offer lifetime warranties on not only Hybrid car batteries but also substantial warranties on other parts are allowing hybrid cars to effectively retain excellent retail value” (Weaver, L. (2017, March 15).

Nevertheless, Hybrid vehicles have not only adapted but also perfected “ Regenerative Braking System(s) which are exclusively associated with Hybrid vehicles and not with Gasoline counterparts. Specifically, the Regenerative Braking System(s) is best defined as “ an energy recovery mechanism which slows a vehicle or object by converting its kinetic energy into a form which can be either used immediately or stored until needed” (Vincent, J. (2017, March 20).

With all of the positive reasons for owning a “ Hybrid Vehicle” (Car) every consumer(s) must be forewarned of the potential Negative (Cons) of purchasing such a vehicle. As it relates to “ Hybrid Vehicles” some pitfalls to watch out for include but may not be limited to, include the cars overall “ performance”. For instance, the new Hybrid vehicles are geared towards a target market which prefers “ economy” instead of speed. Thus, for those customers whom prefer faster cars a Hybrid may not be for you. Also performance effects the total output as well as “ acceleration lag” and because, Hybrid cars are light weight vehicles, they “ usually aren’t equipped with sport-tuned suspensions & other performance enhancements found on non-hybrid models” (Soffar, H. (2017, April 05).

In addition the location of the “ battery pack” often results in less-than-ideal weight distribution, which can affect handling” of the vehicle (Diether, J. (2016, May 26). Nevertheless, the “ average” pricing for a hybrid vehicle still remains “ more expensive, and sometimes by a significant margin, furthermore, when you take into account the cost of the overall maintenance of the Hybrid car, you will discover that the cost to make much needed repairs to such automobiles cost more, in part because, not all mechanics have the equipment and know-how to fix them properly” (Diether, J. (2016, May 26).

Purpose of Informative Essay

The main purpose of this “ Informative Essay” is to provide the “ Pros” and “ Cons” of purchasing a “ Hybrid” Vehicle. Consequently, this essay is an “ Informative” as it highlights all of the important unique features, benefits as well as benefits and contraindications to owning any Hybrid vehicle.

In Conclusion:

Concluding Remarks

“ Hybrid Cars” (Vehicles) although highly useful for the environment in addition to being extremely versatile in their design and technological abilities, are not the right choice for everyone. For example, individuals whom prefer faster cars may opt out of purchasing a Hybrid vehicle since it requires several charges at specific intervals, as in the case when the car reaches a set amount of mileage). However, for consumers whom are both environmentally conscious as well as frugal in nature may be the most likely candidate to purchase such a vehicle.

In my final conclusion, I hope this informative essay helped you the reader become aware of as well as understand, both the positive benefits as well as potential negative (cons) consequences of owning a hybrid vehicle.

The main ideas of this informative essay are that there are several beneficial factors to owning a hybrid vehicle include various tax incentives, low testing emissions, both environmentally & economically friendly, provide a decreased dependency on Gasoline (oil), provide maximum torque, & utilize the Regenerative Braking Systems. On the other hand, Hybrid cars are also difficult to maintain as few mechanics are taught how to fix Hybrid vehicles. In addition, the high voltage batteries can pose a danger to mechanics and other automotive professionals whom are unfamiliar with repairing hybrid vehicles.

Furthermore, hybrid cars are still expensive with “ the cheapest hybrid cars in the luxury category are the Lexus CT 200h and HS 250h, which sell for around $30, 000 and $38, 000, respectively. Hybrids and electrics in the luxury category range in price from $30, 000 all the way up to $400, 000 (Almeida, A. (2013, November 11). As an ongoing result, it appears that hybrid cars/trucks will continue to be in direct competition (for buyers to own their vehicles) with gasoline powered automobile but will not be widely adopted until prices decrease (creating affordability).

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