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Psychology of aging

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Personality may be helpful in determining your preferences, partner or other important people in your life. Knowing what type of personality you have will definitely aid you in dealing with the people around you. After careful analysis and consideration I would assess myself of having the different types of personality — extrovert, sensor, thinker and judger. I tend to be naturally more active, expressive, social and interested in many things. I am keen to details, facts and realities of the world around me. People with the same personality as mine are practical, and trust past experiences. We make decisions based primarily on objectives and impersonal criteria, that is, what makes the most sense and what is logical.

Therefore, thinkers tend to be cooler, analytical and are convinced by logical reasoning. Likewise, we prefer a structured, orderly and fairly predictable environment so we tend to be organized and productive. These types of personalities I possess may have its opposite version. For some these may apply but for other people they may have other assessment. But either way, they are all valuable — neither is better or worse than the other. While some people suggest that one’s personality is fixated through time, I say that a person’s personality evolves throughout their lives. It’s just normal for a person to have some changes on his or her personality. Personality is something that is influenced by time, situations and even the environment he or she is enclosed with.

One’s personality change may also be attributed to his or her coping skills and adaptability. It is possible that there are socially prompted changes where a person changes to keep up with the society around them. Or you could also imagine other people’s personalities developing to allow them to take on these roles. Other reasons we could cite aside from experiences are needs, drives and motives.

But more than anything else, we also owe it to one’s emotions or feelings. A person might have experienced a situation that has an intense impact upon the individual or he or she is currently undergoing a process that is recurring through time. An individual might also be on an ongoing relationship and this experience might be affective of his other personality in one way or another.

The effect of one’s feelings towards his or her personality should not be discounted. Intense emotions may contribute to abrupt personality change. Every experience in one’s life ought to bring something to that person — may it be good or bad. One ultimate goal includes the redefining and strengthening of one’s character, so in the end, our personalities change for the better. It might not be drastic change but there would definitely be a change.

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