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Recruitment staff selection essay sample

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The following paper is based on the topic of recruitment and staff selection, whereby it starts with a selection of two advertisements for allied health positions using professional publications and websites. For this paper, I selected an advert for nurses and another one for radiology professionals required for applying positions in various hospitals. After assessing the design and content of each of the two ads, the first task is to discuss their effectiveness and how they follow suggestions and guidelines for effective ads.

Registered Nurse required

This advert was effective in creating the desired image on the applicants. The headline of the advert should have the ability to capture a potential candidate’s attention (Askehave, 2010). The beginning of the advert was fascinating, and it would keep the reader engaged and eager to know more about this job that St John’s Royal Hospital had. Also, it detailed the duties for the position, the qualifications needed, and the most applicable experience required. It also specified the contacts that should be used to send resumes and cover letters for those who wanted to apply. However, it did not give the salary range for the advertised position.

The advert followed some of the guidelines for effective ads. For example, the overview of the job was firm since it started with a description of the hospital. An advert should highlight some attractive aspects of the hospital, making the candidates feel that it would be an enjoyable experience working there (Feldman et al., 2006). The advert mentioned that they would offer continuous learning for the employee in a dynamic environment. The responsibilities for the candidate were well articulated in bullet form. The address for the person whom the applications would be sent to was also written at the bottom of the advert.

This ad would draw me to apply because it was presented in a good way. St John’s Royal Hospital is described to be a busy facility, and the candidate is promised to work in a fulfilling environment that is dynamic and full of team work. Also, it would appeal to me because it has given the required qualifications for the position in a clear way. However, I would be skeptical about the salary range because it was not mentioned in the advert.

Radiologist Jobs Middle East

This advert was not as effective in delivering its message to potential candidates as compared to the nursing advert. This is because the introduction of the company that wanted a radiologist was not described at all. The only company described was the outsourced recruiting company called Roland & Associates; the company was given the task of advertising for the mentioned position. In the advert, there was a description of the job location and contacts that would be used to send application letters. However, the hospital name was not given, and the job responsibilities and qualifications were not detailed. Such details are necessary so as to attract potential candidates (Shilin et al., 2012).
The guidelines for effective ads were not followed entirely. For example, the responsibilities of the candidate were not articulated well in the advert. The company details were also not described well in the advert. The potential candidates cannot know what the hospital is and what hey expect once they join the company. Also, the names and address details for a contact person were omitted, meaning that a candidate may not know who to communicate to. Even though the email address is offered, it is usually better to follow effective advert guidelines by giving a contact name (Feldman et al., 2006).

This advert may not draw me to apply, mainly due to the omitted details. It would be vital to apply for a position that has been advertised using much more detailed information. It is not appealing to apply for a position in places that one has no idea of what they entail.


The two adverts assessed above differ in their effectiveness. The nursing advert is more effective because it follows many guidelines of an effective advertisement. It was firm in how much it convinced one to apply to that position while it gave details for the St John’s Hospital that needed a nurse. The heading was striking, and would draw someone towards the advert. The advert was also clear on the contact person and details of the contact person. However, it lacked details in the amount of salary or the salary range the hospital was willing to pay the successful candidate. On the other hand, the radiology advert lacked to deliver an effective message due to many omissions that could be seen in the ad. For example, the crucial details for hospitals that needed radiologists were omitted, and any potential candidate would be left wondering which hospitals they could be. Also, the advert did not offer clear details about the contact person and the contact details. However, it gave an E- mail address that would be used, by potential candidates, to send applications


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