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Reflective Essay Throughout this course, I have had to write a number of essays using a variety of techniques. The concept and cause and effect essays are the two main papers I will use to make an evaluative analysis of the outcomes I have learned, utilizing the writing process in Basic Writing I, with expectations of receiving the grade of at least a “ B” on my portfolio. This course helped me realize the many steps that are involved in the writing process from gathering ideas to making a final copy.

In order to create a good paper you need to organize your ideas. However, I find it tedious to have to connect those ideas; yet, I want my paper to be cohesive and organized.

Using my Cause and Effect Essay, I will explain how I met outcomes one, two, and three. At the paragraph level, my cause and effect essay exhibits control of an array of organizational strategies by writing about one specific subject and keeping only information relevant to my thesis, and organizing it making the paragraphs transition smoothly.

Demonstrating understanding of essay structure in my cause and effect essay was reached by creating and following an outline. My essay follows the outline with an introduction that gives my main topic and thesis statement the paper will adhere to. My body paragraphs are followed by the introduction using the points I made in my thesis. The thesis of my cause and effect essay is stated as “ Domestic Violence towards women can be physical, emotional, or psychological actions or threats of action that have long-term effects” (Pooler “ Effects” 1), which also meets outcome three, using a thesis statement.

By reading the thesis you will be able to point out that there are three subtopics that will make up the body of the paper: the long-term effects of physical abuse, psychological abuse, and emotional abuse of domestic violence towards women. Transitional paragraphs are used in this essay to maintain focus on the thesis and main topic. By creating a sentence outline, I was able to maintain focus and coherence for the cause and effect essay that is one-thousand words and has an ambitious thesis leading to great paragraph transitions, meeting outcome three.

This essay has a conclusion that briefly summarizes the significance of the paper including a call for action, a different approach I took in writing the concluding paragraph to give the reader something to think about. I demonstrated outcomes four, five, and six in the concept essay.

The introduction and conclusion paragraphs of my concept essay use in-text citations as supporting evidence to my writing. These citations have been strategically placed for better paragraph transition.

One citation in particular, “ Ninety percent of all combat deaths occur on the battlefield before the casualty ever reaches a medical facility” (qtd. in Pooler “ Principles” 3), was used to conclude my paper.

This was a critical piece of evidence in helping me summarize the importance of my concept essay, “ Principles of TC3”, and meeting outcome four. I accomplished outcome five throughout all my assigned tasks with a variety of short and long sentence structure. I used complex sentences also in my assignments, but not as much. However, in class, sentence construction exercises were done to aid us in our writing assignments.

Demonstrate editing skills to correct mechanical and grammatical errors in one’s own writing, outcome six, was present in all writing tasks to include global revisions. The first draft of my concept essay had to be completely re-written to meet the requirements for the assignment.

The second draft contained grammatical errors. Revising, editing, and rewriting this essay, led me to a final paper containing less than three errors. The execution of the remaining outcomes seven, eight, and nine were used in all my writing assignments.

All of my writing assignments exhibit outcomes seven and eight.

In outcome seven both essays establish awareness of audience, and show control of writing strategies to address those audiences and purposes. Take for example my concept essay. The audience would be Military Personnel; I use the word “ soldier” instead of the word “ you”. The reader does not know who “ you” is; therefore I must use words that have clarification. These are more appropriate word choices for formal writing.

I demonstrated control of the writing process on all my assignments meeting outcome eight.

Generating ideas, I selected domestic violence as my topic then narrowed it down to domestic violence toward women, keeping the topic from being too broad. Writing ideas related to this topic helped narrow the paper down to specific subtopics that made the thesis easier to write. I then organized those ideas to make a logical progression that made sense. Next, I created a rough draft of my organization of ideas on paper, and had another student do the peer review.

The Peer review was a fresh perspective of another peer, to improve or correct any areas that may need clarification.

Finally, I edit my drafts with the proper revisions suggested by my peer editor to produce a final paper for grading. I reached outcome nine by assisting another student as the editor of their paper for peer review. I was the editor of writer Alex Rieghtly for his definition paragraph. I was able to help Alex improve his skills as a writer by pointing out the underdevelopment of his thesis statement, and suggesting that he use the body paragraphs to develop a strong thesis. Alex took my advice on revising his thesis to justify the body paragraphs and overall received a better grade on his paper.

Peer reviews were completed on a total of five assignments for this course. Almost all writing assignments use the nine outcomes. Following the steps of the writing process has helped me to write cohesive and organized papers that effectively meet the requirements of outcomes one through nine for Basic Writing I. The most valuable lesson I have learned about the writing process this quarter is mostly editing and revising drafts to lead to the perfect final paper.

Writing at this caliber has enabled me to improve myself as a writer. ?

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