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Reflective learning

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Reflective Learning “ The more you know, the less you know” I came across this saying when I was really young and I have been applying this to my life ever since. SIT TESOL Certificate course has made me so much better than I ever was; I am a much enriched person after successfully completing this course. Not only have I become a better teacher but also a better learner. The transformation this course has brought in me is beyond words. All my initial doubts were quashed after attending the first class; the whole experience has been fascinating.
A very important thing that we learned was that people have different learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic/tactile, and combined style learner (VAKT). In our class, I realized that I am a combined leaner — visual and kinesthetic/tactile — through learning styles modality preference inventory. When I study, I prefer writing and reading than listening. Also, I really prefer to take notes with diagrams and tables; hence, I expected I am a visual learner. However, I did not know I am a kinesthetic/tactile leaner. Come to think of it, I usually use my hands when describing things and I have to write and write to memorize. Also, I like rewriting to organize what I learned in class. In our class, I had a chance to observe that my classmates are also different types of learners. Some of them already knew what type they are and other didn’t know about it. I realize that it is indeed important to grasp what my learning style is. It is definitely helpful in efficient learning. As a teacher, it is important to find out what kind of style my students have as well, because students would have different learning style like we do. In addition, after finding out, I would have to prepare teaching method for my students. If there are many students, of course it might be difficult to satisfy each student’s learning style. However, I – as a teacher – must figure out what the best teaching is to fit all kinds of learning style.

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