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Reflective Paper Assignment Brenda Jackson July 2, 2011 Math/156 University of phoenix Reflective paper page 2 This course is the first of a two-part series designed for k-8 pre-service teachers to address the conceptual framework for mathematics taught in elementary school. The focus of this course was on real numbers properties, patterns, operations and algebraic reasoning, and problem solving. The relationship of the course concepts to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards for k-8 instruction was also addressed.

There were many concepts we learned in this course, but I think the most important topic that we covered in week two, the mathematical processes. I choose this topic as most important because we as future educators of America must know the mathematical processes and how they each work in a given situation. The most difficult concept for me was in week eight when we solved fractions, decimals, percent and real number problems. This concept was difficult because I had to spend more time on them. My biggest struggle was fractions and decimals because I do not use them on a daily basis.

When I am helping a struggling child with fractions, I will use food, candy, or manipulative to teach them fractions in addition to helping the student in the classroom by letting him or her be part of my examples, so they may understand the concept easier. The concepts learned in this course are relevant in many ways to the characteristics of a personal mathematics teacher. First of all the concepts in this course were based on the guidelines of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards for k-8 instruction.

The council encourages teachers to encourage students by having fun while being taught for example fractions. Another way the concepts learned in this course are relevant to the characteristic of a professional mathematics teacher is the No Child Left behind Act. This course showed us ways to help the struggling child catch up with the class without making the child feel bad about them. Reflective paper page 3 The course concepts have influenced my ideas and philosophy of teaching. I believe that the teacher should create an atmosphere for learning.

Lessons should be reinforced in centers. For instance by placing blocks of different shapes and sizes in the block center. Children can use the blocks to make a road or a building without making them fall. Another example is placing manipulative such as table toys in the math center. I also believe that students learn best while having fun. If students are having fun, they will most likely retain the information in class. This course was a bit difficult for me because I had a hard time understanding the textbook.

I used mymathlab to help me understand the concepts. I usually clicked on view example before I submitted an answer to a problem to see if I did it correctly. I also liked the way if you got an answer wrong you could do a similar exercise and if you do it right you will also get the original question correct. I did not like how the math lab did not explain how to get the correct answer if you get the answer wrong. I think they need to fix this problem. Mrs. Evenson, I thoughly enjoyed being in your class. I think we both did our jobs.

You taught and facilitated the class. You taught us how to be an effective math teacher in elementary school. I learned how to be an effective math teacher. As we end the course I just wanted to say thanks for being a great facilitator, the weekly feedback was very helpful to me, and my classmates were great. I plan to use the information from this course in part two of the course and in my career. I also plan to use these techniques on my son who will be starting pre-k in the fall. My son is already very smart.

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