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Report on derby canal

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Executive Summary

This report will highlight the basic weaknesses of the Derby Canal project and will talk about the lack of planning and awareness of the project.


This report presents an analysis about the restoration of Derby Canal and the various negative factors associated with it. The primary aspects of the analysis are related to the benefit the restoration will provide to the associated communities within the region which will get impacted.
The project in itself has been in operation since 1994 and till date the number of members currently a part of the support team is not satisfactory, looking at the time frame. The only mode of marketing which is being utilized is digital marketing and that too is not very effective as the web site does not have adequate navigation and the various operational aspects are not planned, common example of the same is a message which is present on the website saying “ Now we have outline planning permission for the whole canal we need people with expertise/experience in civil engineering, drawing up and letting of contracts, fund raising, surveying, costing, computing such as spreadsheets etc. So, if you have some or all of these skills or other relevant capabilities please contact Chris Madge”. Due to the lack of budget the project is already lacks further support and is facing a deficiency of resources as there is no definite strategy for the arraignment of staff (Atkins 2007).

In order to ensure that there is adequate support, it is important to build relationships with well-established companies and firms however this is not the case as of now and there are only four companies which are currently supporting the project which is a huge drawback. The above discussed reason is also a factor which restricts the project to be known to more people as since it is not supported by any large corporation or company, due to which the reliability on the outcomes is unsure (BWB Consulting 2010).

The most important factor over here is the return on investments made on this project as this is one of the deciding factors which is impacting various other factors to increase the number of drawbacks which are being faced by the project. There is an interlink-age in the issues which are currently prevalent, due to the lack of planning and skills; there is a deficiency in the promise of returns expected from the program due to which investors are not willing to put their money into the system, to the contrary due to the lack of investments, there are no sufficient funds in order to complete the development and marketing of the project (Hartley 2011).

It is recommended for the project to ensure that there is a flawless strategy and timeline management so that the investors may be able to gain some confidence in the system and they may insert funds which can be used for the further growth of the project. Moreover, this is an unused canal and the awareness among people about the same is very less. It is also a fact that the population related to this canal will not find it in British water ways.

Hence, the primary goal and area of improvement becomes, spreading awareness among people about the issue and helping them to understand the value, also it will be better to try and collaborate with a few big names so that it is easy for the people to show better trust.

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