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First ” Coca-Cola” advertisement

When reviewing the first advertisement about ” Coca-Cola”, the obvious purpose of this is to advertise a world famous beverage, that looks so refreshing and tasty in the middle of practically nowhere. The main idea of this commercial is to show how desirable a drink can be to people in the middle of a place, with no water closer, than in 50 miles. Also, there is an interesting feature, that I could not miss. The drawing of cowboys on the right side, standing next to a bus full of cheerleaders, clearly sends us a message about a connection between the past and the future in the way, that ” Coca-Cola” was popular then, and is still desirable, even 100 years later. Talking about the choice of idea for a beverage advertisement, you can hardly find a better one, than to show water (a drink) to thirsty men in the middle of the desert. From my point, this was/is a successful commercial, which brought good profits to the company.

Second ” Honda Civic” advertisement

When reviewing the second advertisement about the new generation of ” Honda Civic” automobile, we can clearly see the sleek style of the commercial. The first message from creators, that is supposed to catch our attention, is the statement, that they made the already perfect Civic even better. Below that statement the explanation with further description of those improvements done is given, which tells us that the manufacturers managed to deliver a funnier, smarter and techier product. Also, a visual material is provided, so that the potential customers can take a look at the updated seductive shapes of an automobile, before even considering it as an option for the future purchase. Another eye-catching feature is the use of the pictures of a plane, a brain, and a cosmonaut, that are supposed to get the audiences’ interest. Taking the fact, that ” Honda Civic” is already one of the best selling cars in the US into consideration, the company will benefit greatly from running this commercial.

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