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Resorts and palaces of taj hotels tourism

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Selling is a premier plus of any companies in today ‘ s market. Marketing section is the anchor of any companies any vitamin D if the company does n’t hold this can be called handicapped. It context to a hotel it besides a has critical function, as the cordial reception is a fast growth industry and has tough competition everyplace ; so it is really of import to be in front of the competition. In this context selling plays a fatherlike function. Marketing section is the country which comes in contact with the clients and Tells about the merchandise and the services provided by the hotel and compare it with its competition. During this undertaking the writer has given the debut and importance of marketing about selling in comparing to a hotel.

A brief about taj hotels castle and resorts has given in relation to its history and section of clients served. The chief aim of this peculiar undertaking to larn, analyze and propose solutions wherever required to the assorted selling schemes undergone by the “ Taj Palace, New Delhi ” hotel and besides giving the ground for the proposed solutions to it.

This undertaking would besides let the writer to cognize and larn about the metropolis and would besides let the writer to understand about the cordial reception trends in the metropolis. It would besides assist the writer to understand the rivals of “ Taj Palace, New Delhi ” and supplying important grounds and facts for back uping the grounds of the provided solutions and suggestions.

This will besides assist to larn about the metropolis and will larn what the tendencies of cordial reception in the metropolis are. It will assist to larn what schemes are the rivals of “ Taj Palace, New Delhi ” to compact it competition.

Selling: An Introduction

“ For a concern non to publicize is like winking at a miss in the dark. You know what you are making but no 1 else does ” – Stuart H. Britt, US advertisement adviser

Selling is a societal and managerial procedure to obtain they need and want through making and interchanging merchandises of what they need. Kotler defines selling as “ The key to accomplishing organizational ends consist in finding the demands and wants of mark markets and presenting the coveted satisfactions more efficaciously and expeditiously than rivals. ” selling today helps in understanding the psychological science of clients so that merchandises can be innovated consequently. . In the Hospitality Industry, leaders like the Taj Hotels Resorts & A ; Palaces, Marriott International, Hilton, Hyatt, etc are increasing their market portion at the disbursal of smaller ironss and independent operators because they possess a thorough apprehension of selling which is indispensable to guarantee steady flow of clients.

Marketing involves the undermentioned inquiries:

How to happen the right clients?

Different merchandises?

How does one cut down cost of client acquisition?

The range of selling is rather wide. The deduction is that the house uses to get clients and pull off the relation with them. The Kotler definition encompasses both development of new merchandises and services and their bringing to clients. Marketing adept Regis McKenna expressed a similar point of view in his influential 1991 Harvard Business Review article “ Marketing is everything. ” McKenna argued that because marketing direction encompasses all factors that influence a company ‘ s ability to present value to clients ; it must be “ all-pervasive, portion of everyone ‘ s occupation description, from the receptionists to the Board of Directors. ”

The Importance of Marketing in Context to the Hospitality Sector

Selling is one of the most of import tool in the in the cordial reception sector every bit good as other sectors which plays a major function. In other industries selling of merchandises are sold is marketing but in the cordial reception sector it is sold with a little discrepancy. In a hotel it is non the merchandise it is the service that is provided to the invitee. Both service selling and goods marketing start with a important demand – designation and merchandise design maps ; goods by and large are produced before sold and services by and large are sold before produced. Service industry has less influence on comparing with the other industries. The influence is slow comparing to the industries. The clients who have non witnessed the merchandise may hold a different sentiment. Good ‘ s sellers may be able to travel prospective clients from trade name consciousness to trade name penchant with packaging, publicity, pricing and distribution whereas service ‘ s sellers normally can non.

The services provided in a hotel are intangible. This type of service makes it more hard to depict the services provided to the clients so the clients can merely experience the services. Customer ‘ s perceptual experience of hazard tends to be high for services because services can non be touched, smelled, tasted or tried on before purchase. Customers can seek a new merchandise like a trial thrust of a auto but to see the services of a hotel he has registry as a invitee in the hotel. Service sellers can make trade name consciousness and bring on test before the sale, but they demonstrate benefits and construct trade name penchant most efficaciously after the sale. Superior service can merely be felt it ca n’t be packed and given to clients.

Tourism facts and figures

No. of Foreign Tourist Arrivals in India

5. 37 Million ( P )

Annual Growth Rate

5. 6 %

No. of Indian National Departures from India

10. 65 Million ( P )

Annual Growth Rate

8. 8 %

No. of DomesticTourist Visits to all States/UTs

562. 92 Million ( P )

Annual Growth Rate

6. 9 %

Foreign Exchange Earnings from Tourism

In INR footings

Rs. 50730 Crore ( P )

Annual Growth Rate

14. 4 %

In US $ footings

US $ 11. 75 Billion ( P )

Annual Growth Rate

9. 5 %

( IV ) India ‘ s Position in World

– Share of India in International Tourist Arrivals

0. 58 %

– Bharat ‘ s rank in World Tourist Arrivals


– Share of India in International Tourism Receipts

1. 24 %

– Bharat ‘ s rank in World Tourism Receipts


Introduction to Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces

Indian Hotels Company Limited ( IHCL ) is a subordinate of Taj Hotels Resorts & A ; Palaces which is a portion of the TATA Group which is Asia ‘ s largest group and one of the finest and the oldest companies of India. The first hotel built by Taj was Taj Mahal Palace built in 1903 and it was built because Indians were non allowed to remain in esteemed hotels and non allowed in nines during the British regulation. This lead in the foundation of the Tata Group by Mr. Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata. The hotel entirely stands for more than a century.

The chief development of the group started in the 70 ‘ s under the leading of the so Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Ajit Kerkar. In the starting came the Rambagh Palace in Jaipur. They started with the construct of change overing century old castles into hotels, which is now USP of the Company. During the old ages many more hotels like Taj Coromandel and the Fisherman ‘ s Cove, Fort Aguada Beach Resort were built. In the 80 ‘ s the company came up with two more hotels in the capital metropolis and Bangalore. These hotels are cultural in nature and they are setup harmonizing to international criterions.

The Taj is symbol of cordial reception in India and completed 100 old ages in 2003. Till day of the month the company has 78 hotels including resorts and castles. Out of which 18 are abroad which are in Malaysia, United Kingdom, United States of America, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Africa, the Middle East and Australia. In India it has 60 hotels across 45 locations like Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Goa etc. as the trade name holds such diverse web it symbolises Indian cordial reception in India and Abroad. The Managing Director, R. K. Krishnakumar says “ The vision for the Taj Group is for it to be a select concatenation, present globally. Asiatic, possibly in character, but perfectly international in footings of systems and procedures and with a strong West European focal point. The manner forward was to do certain that the full Taj squad is imbued with the missional ardor to sell the trade name. ” The Taj caters all types of hotels like luxury, concern and premium. Amongst the patronage, international travelers form the majority of the market for the Taj peculiarly in the tube. Even the profiles of the Indian clients are altering with clip.

Classs of Taj Hotels

Taj Hotels Palaces and Resorts is an international cordial reception group with strong roots in India. For the past 100 old ages they had build their ain repute on legendary belongingss, alone installations and faultless service. They operate in the luxury, premium, mid market and value sections of the market through their undermentioned trade names:

Taj ( luxury full-services resorts and castles ) is their flagship trade name for the universe ‘ s most discerning travelers seeking reliable experiences given that luxury is a manner of life to which there are accustomed. Crossing universe renewed landmarks, modern concern hotels idyllic beach resorts, reliable Rajput castles and countrified campaign Lodges, each Taj hotel reinterprets the tradition of cordial reception in a refreshfully modern manner to make experiences and womb-to-tomb memories.

Taj besides encompasses a alone set of iconic belongingss rooted history and tradition that deliver genuinely unforgettable experience. A aggregation of outstanding belongingss with strong heritage as hotels or castles which offer something more than great physical merchandise and except cal service. This group is defined by the emotional and alone equity of its iconic belongingss that are reliable, non-replicable with great possible to crate memories and narratives.

Taj Exotica is their resort and watering place trade name found in the most alien and restful venues of the universe. The belongingss are defined by the privateness and familiarity they provide. The hotels are clearly differentiated by their merchandise doctrine and service design. They are centred on high and adjustment, familiarity and an environment that allow its invitee matchless comfort and privateness. They are defined by a esthesia of intimate design and by their varied and electric culinary experiences, faultless service and reliable Indian watering place sanctuaries.

Taj Safaris are wildlife Lodges that allow travelers to see the unparallel beauty of the Indian jungle amidst epicurean environing. They offer India ‘ s first and lone wildlife luxury Lodge circuit. Taj campaign provide sustainable ecotourism theoretical account.

Premium Hotels ( premium full-service hotels and resorts ) provide a new coevals of travelers a modern-day and originative cordial reception experience that matches their work-hard play-hard life styles. Stylish insides, advanced culinary art, hip bars and a focal point on engineering set these belongingss apart.

The Gateway Hotel ( upscale/mid-market service hotels and resorts ) is a pan India web of hotel s and resorts that offers concern and leisure travels a hotel designed, maintaining the modern nomad in head. At the Gateway hotel people believe in maintaining things simple. This is why Taj hotels are divided into 7 simple zones stay, haunt, meet, work, unwind and explore.

Ginger ( Economy Hotels ) is their radical construct in cordial reception for the value section. Intelligently designed installations, consistence and low-cost are trademarks of this trade name targeted at travelers who value simpleness and ego service.

Client profile

Taj hotels have a client profile audience service provided wherein they diagnose the patronage demands and with that information they try and provide the needed installations to their clients. Generally Taj concentrates on the upper category of the society who can pass extravagantly on the luxury provided.


The Taj group hotels commit itself to the overall betterment of the ecological environment, which all the people are a portion of.

We recognize that we are non proprietors but caretakers of the planet and owe it to our kids and future coevalss of world.

It is our enterprise non merely to conserve and protect but besides to regenerate and renew the environment in which we live and operate.

Our committedness encompasses all actions related to our merchandises, services, associates, spouses, sellers and communities.

We will spouse and engage with our environment through Earth:

ENVIRONMENT AWARENESS AND RENEWAL AT TAJ HOTELS. For us Earth is non a plan, nor a procedure, it is a manner of life.


Embrace endowment and harness expertness to leverage criterions of excellence in the art of cordial reception to turn our International presence. Increase domestic laterality and make value for all stakeholders.


In an enterprise to reinstate its vision and attempts to hike sustainable touristry and incorporate environment direction in all concern countries Taj hotels and resorts and castles nowadayss EARTH ( ENVIRONMENT AWARENESS AND RENEWAL AT TAJ HOTELS ) a undertaking which nowadayss and indicates the witting attempt of one of Asia ‘ s largest and finest group of hotels to perpetrate to energy preservation and environment direction. Earth has received enfranchisement from green Earth the lone worldwide environmental enfranchisement plan for travel and touristry.

Taj values







Taj promises

At the Taj group their committedness is to service excellence is rooted in our two guiding rules. One of Taj cardinal precedences is to authorise the people to present on their bequest of faultless service3.

Four stairss of service are: –

A warm and sincere welcome. Use the invitee name, whenever possible.

Fulfil invitees need and provide prevenient service.

Defect free merchandises and services.

Fond farewell utilizing the guest name, whenever possible.

The undermentioned doctrine is a sum-up of our beliefs and values towards our employees.

Introduction to Taj Palace, New Delhi

Taj palace one of the most popular 5 star hotels to remain in Delhi it provides one of the best and fantastic international installations and universe category services to the invitees. It has 461 suites which attracts a bulk of large shootings of the province and authorities functionaries. Top concern barons love to remain in the hotel during their concern trips. The hotel is located is Sardar Patel Marg, Diplomatic Enclave near to Dhaula Kuan country. The national and international airdrome is merely a 10 mins drive from the hotel.

The hotel has 12 feast halls with universe category installations for all sort of maps like meetings, seminars, nuptialss and insouciant parties. The capacity of the hall is around 700-1000 invitees. The hotel provides all sort of recreational activities for its invitees. The hotel expression is all n different in the country. It is a perfect incarnation of all the qualities associated with Taj hotels, Resorts and Palaces.

The epicurean and fabulous suites are chiefly divided into 7 classs superior suites, deluxe suites, Taj Club suites, Executive suite, Grand Luxury Suite and Grand Presidential suite. The Grand Presidential suite is one of the suites in the metropolis in comparing to its competition hotels. The suites have different positions available as per the guest continency like garden position, pool position and metropolis position.

The hotel serves antic nutrient in its 4 different eating house specially the award winning Oriental express which provides first-class luxury and services to its invitees and itself is one of the best eating houses in the metropolis to dine in.

Rivals of Taj Palace, New Delhi

Though Taj Palace is good reputed hotel it faces tough competition. As the hotel is situated in Delhi which is the Metro metropolis and the capital, there are many other five star belongingss of Taj and other trade names, these hotels provide tough competition because they provide the same services in comparing with the hotel as they have market portion with them. The Hotels supplying huge competition are:

ITC Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi: it is a 440 room belongings and it the chief competition to the hotel as it is the nearest located hotel. It is a Welcomgroup belongings and it provides universe category facilitates to its invitee. It is one of the most popular hotel for booming in the metropolis because of its universe celebrated eating house BUKHARA which specialise in North West frontier culinary art. The hotel genuinely creates thaumaturgy on the Black Marias and the heads of the travelers with its luxury adjustment and its state-of-the-art installations and warm cordial reception.

Hotel Hyatt Regency, New Delhi: located in the country of Bikaji Cama Place in South Delhi, this 520 room belongings provides state-of-the-art services to its clients and is one of the well reputed hotels in the country. This peculiar hotel provides a really tough competition to its rivals. The hotel provides all types of suites from the poolside confronting to executive suites to The Presidential Suite. The inside of the hotel is bed-lighted with selective traditional art work, elegant trappings, disingenuous antiquities blended with some fabulous service provided by the well trained staff.

Le Meridien, New Delhi: Situated in the Raisina Road, with its propinquity to the shopping, commercial and cultural centre act as a powerful factor for this peculiar hotel. This Hotel a portion of a really good reputed trade name Le Meridien group of Hotels, is one of the most popular hotels nowadays in the metropolis. This 355 room belongings provide all types of suites to its travelers from Deluxe to the presidential suites with all types of installations runing from in-room safe to high velocity cyberspace entree in its suites. Its Food and Beverage mercantile establishments supplying different culinary arts such as the Golden Pheonix ( Chinese culinary art ) , Pakwan ( North Western Frontier Cuisine ) , the Pierre ( Gallic Cuisine ) , Henri ‘ s saloon and Aloha saloon gives this hotel and excess border and gives a tough competition to the taj castle.

The Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi.-The hotel reflects a nice blend of tradition and modern-day edification. The hotel is situated near to the metropolis centre, concern, commercial and shopping territories. The hotel has a esteemed golf class on one side and on the other side it has a Humayun ‘ s grave. Placed in the Dr. Zakir Hussein Marg, New Delhi, it is approximately 20 mins. Away from the airdrome. It has been awarded as the “ Best Hotel in Delhi ” and “ Among the Top 100 Hotels in the universe ” by the Institutional Investor, 2009 the universe ‘ s best Hotels. This hotel has besides being awarded with a figure of other awards besides such as “ The best hotel in Delhi ” by TTG Travel Awards, 2009 and “ Amongst best hotels and Resorts in the World ” by Forbes Traveller 400- the universe ‘ s best hotels and resorts 2009. This 350 room belongings provides all sorts of universe category services to its travelers and hence is the biggest menaces to the taj.

Shangri-la-Eros Hotel, New Delhi: It is most centrally placed hotel in the metropolis. The hotel is situated in Connaught topographic point which is like the line of life of Delhi as the Business, Commercial and Shopping District decidedly makes it one of the preferable hotels for the invitee to remain into. It is 17 floor hotel which has 350 epicurean suites which target both concern and leisure travelers and is decidedly popular 5 star belongings in the metropolis. It is a really celebrated nutrient and drink out known as “ cafe uno ” along with other mercantile establishments is celebrated among the invitee who comes to the metropolis.

Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi: It is one of the distinguished belongingss in the capital metropolis. It is the sister hotel of Taj Palace. The hotel is located in the Lutyenss residential topographic point in Delhi. It is a landmark by itself. . Although it is located a spot far off from the airdrome about 40 mins. , but is near to the hustling metropolis centre, Connaught Place, Pragati Maidan, Government Offices and Diplomatic Missions. This 294 room belongings besides has been awarded as the “ 5 star diamond award ” by “ American Academy of Hospitality ”

Radisson Hotel, New Delhi: This 5 star belongings in the National Capital Region, located less than 5 kilometer from the Domestic and International airdrome of Delhi and the close to the concern hub of Gurgaon, The Radisson Hotel is genuinely one of the easiest ways in which 1 can do its trip to Delhi a memorable 1. The Radisson Hotel merely oozes luxury and promises its invitee a stay with an experience of a life-time. This 29 room belongings besides gets an border with its five Food and Beverage services ; specially one of the celebrated Restaurants in Delhi i. e. “ The Kabab Factory ” truly gives an border to this belongings.

About The Capital City

Delhi is capital metropolis of India and is the largest city by country and 2nd largest by population. It besides stands 8th in the universe largest city with more than 12. 25 million dweller in the district and over 15. 9 million occupants in the NCR ( national Capital part ) which includes Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad. It is a modern metropolis which has a history all around it. A circuit of Delhi provides the visitants with much to see and look up to runing from the Mughal memorials to Modern Malls, from Traditional humanistic disciplines and trades to trendy manner shows. Delhi is a metropolis which combines the historic and the modern in a alone manner.

Delhi was the 2nd most visited topographic point after Andhra Pradesh with addition in foreign tourer to 2. 3 million in the twelvemonth 2008 as compared to 2. 01 million in the twelvemonth 2007 and 1. 9 million in 2006. It became the capital of India in the twelvemonth 1911, after the British East India Company gained control of India during the 18th and nineteenth century and George V. the caput of the East India Company decided to travel back to Delhi and it announced it as the capital metropolis of India. It was when the India gained independency from the British Rule, New Delhi was declared as its capital and place of the authorities. New Delhi houses of import offices of the federal Govt. including the parliament of India.

With the estimated net State Domestic Product of the Fiscal Year of 2007 of Rs. 1. 82 billion ( US $ 24. 5 Billion ) in nominal footings and Rs. 3, 364 billion ( US $ 69. 8 billion ) , Delhi is the largest commercial centre in Northern India. Delhi had a per capita income of Rs. 66, 728 ( US $ 1, 450 ) in 2007 at current monetary values ; it is the 3rd highest in India after Chandigarh and Goa. Delhi has the largest and one of the fastest turning retail industries in India, because of which land monetary values are dining and it is presently ranked at 7th most expensive office hot spot in the universe with monetary values at $ 145. 16 per square pes.

Along with its part in the economic system, Delhi plays a important function in being one of the hot tourer finishs in India because of legion historical memorials present in the metropolis. This can be seen with the illustration of many memorials of significance found in the metropolis. With the Archaeological study of India recognizes 1200 heritage edifices and 175 memorials in Delhi as national heritage sites. With the presence of the three universes heritage sites i. e. The Red Fort, Qutub Minar and Humayun ‘ s Tomb along with the architectural wonders like the Jama Masjid which is India ‘ s Largest Mosque and India Gate gives as excess border of attractive force for the tourer in Delhi.

S. W. O. T. analysis of Taj Palace, New Delhi

SWOT analysis is divided into 4 parts






It has the largest convention centre which can manage 700 personals at a individual point of clip.

The Orient express eating house, one of the popular eating houses in the metropolis, adds as an booster to the hotel and helps in bring forthing excess gross.

The hotel is located in one of the premier locations and is really nigh to the airdrome which is a 10 min thrust. As it is centrally located so it has a good connectivity with the metropolis. Hence, easy entree to travelers.

The suites are divided into many types and besides give the invitees of option of different positions as per invitee collusion like pool position, garden position and metropolis position.

For a choice up and drop installation the invitee has an option of one of most epicurean auto that is JAGUAR.

The 12 feast halls can suit different types of map at the same clip and which generates good gross for the hotel.

Its broad suites give a full luxury experience with some excess epicurean options as per convenience of the invitee.

It has the largest convention centre which can manage 700 personals at a individual point of clip.

The Orient express eating house, one of the popular eating houses in the metropolis, adds as an booster to the hotel and helps in bring forthing excess gross.


The lighting in the anteroom gives it a really dull expression which creates a dull ambiance in the anteroom and for the invitee who enters the hotel for the first clip.

The parking country in the hotel is really less which generates job during high tenancy and banquet maps.

Staffing of the non equal which once more is a job during high tenancy.

It is located in an country in Sardar Patel Marg, which faces a monolithic job of traffic jams which does maintain the traveler waiting on roads and hence, leads to cut downing the wonder of the traveler for sing the hotel.

Less aggressive promotional activities taken topographic point by the hotel in order to advance their merchandise which in bend looses out its clients.

In comparing to its rivals the nutrient and drink mercantile establishments are really dearly-won which once more a drawback for the hotel.

The Oriental Express eating house largely invites the invitees to the eating house alternatively of leting the walk-ins.


To advance and bring forth more gross the hotel should be more aggressive in the publicity of the hotel. To advance the hotel some activities like nutrient fest and exhibition can be held to advance the hotel.

The hotel should advance its nutrient and drink mercantile establishments to give stiff competition to its rivals for e. g. the Oriental express which is a really celebrated eating house should be promoted to give a good competition to ITC Maurya Sheraton ‘ s Bukhara and bring forth more gross.

Different strategies related to room duty should be made and be promoted so the tenancy be increased and generates more gross.

Contractual staff can be increased in order to supply efficient service to its invitees during peak seasons.

The parking country should be improved so that it gives convenience to invitees which are a job in the nutrient and drink mercantile establishments.

Walk in invitees should be allowed in the chief eating houses like Oriental express so that it helps in increasing the gross of the hotel.


There is a really tough competition of good known 5 stars in the metropolis along with the approaching hotels non merely in the metropolis but besides in the NCR country are a large menace to the Taj Palace.

The hotel should be more aggressive in advancing the hotel in the country of nutrient and drink and the purpose should be eating up the market of is competition hotels.

The nutrient and drink staff is non equal which leads to client dissatisfaction and leads to less gross.

There should be a specialised eating house in the hotel as it is the latest tendency in the hotel industry like its competition hotels has such as the Bukhara by the ITC Maurya Sheraton Dakshin by Sheraton, New Delhi Hotel purposes at eating up the market demand of the Taj Palace hotel, which indirectly reduces the gross of the hotel.

Following door belongings by the ITC Welcomgroup i. e. ITC Maurya Sheraton aims at eating up the market portion of “ Taj Palace. New Delhi ”

Selling schemes taken by Taj Palace, New Delhi

The market schemes are chiefly divided into 3 parts chiefly




Market Cleavage

Different selling schemes are being used to advance the hotel and bring forth the soap gross where market consists of purchasers, the purchasers ever by many grounds like demands, wants, locations, purchasing attitude and purchasing patterns. For eg the demands and wants of the clients of a hotel in Goa will be different from the demands and wants of a invitee in Cochin.

The Taj Palace is a luxury hotel by classification, if the geographical cleavage is taken so the hotel chiefly aims to aim all the leisure invitees who visit the metropolis as the hotel is near to the airdrome is besides attempts to provide all the concern patronage who comes on concern trips in the metropolis and it besides seek to take in the map of these invitees like concern meetings, seminars and conferences.

Taking the local crowed into consideration Taj Palace, New Delhi hotel attempts to pull guest by supplying them besides with installations of 12 feast halls which can be used at the same time and with 4 different types of Food and Beverage Outlets. It chiefly aims at capturing the clients with upper and upper-middle categories i. e. chiefly tourer or business communities.


The chief mark market has been set up by Taj Palace ; it chiefly aims at leisure and concern patronage. As the hotel is situated the capital metropolis the so the tourer who chiefly visits the metropolis are concern and leisure. The leisure patronage will see the metropolis because of its history and historic memorials in the metropolis which is a major attractive force among the tourer.

There are important offers and bundles provided by the hotel to pull the clients. They are chiefly seasonal bundles. They besides try pulling the local by its four eating houses and twelve feast halls which can provide 700 invitees. It besides aims at run intoing the criterions of the company with the fact of fulfilling its clients and bring forthing maximal sum of gross. Over the old ages Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi has been able to run into the aims by bring forthing maximal gross by maximal guest satisfaction.


“ Taj ” as a trade name name in India which is something which is being accepted by the people of India as something with which they can tie in themselves. It gives them a feeling of heat and harmoniousness to tie in and a sense of pride in utilizing the services of this trade name. “ Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi ” takes this as the chance to pull the travelers and guest to its hotel. This helps in pulling the local crowed every bit good as the domestic travelers towards the merchandise they offer. With the name “ Taj ” which is associated with this hotel it helps the hotel in taking up the advantage to pull the foreign travelers who intend to remain in India and it is one of the branded hotels i. e. “ Taj Palace ” with which they associate India with, particularly when it comes down to remaining in Delhi. Delhi being the Capital of India and “ castle ” as a word associated with the trade name name “ Taj ” creates a psychological consequence in the heads of the clients and hence it helps in increasing the gross for the hotel.

Along with its suites and excess installations provided by the hotel, the Food and Beverage mercantile establishments such as the “ Oriental Express ” provided by the hotel have been welcomed by the locals every bit good as travelers. This helps in making a well planned and a good promotional tool in making the psychological consequence in the heads of the clients and helps in create repetition clients and therefore generating gross.

Review by the writer on the Selling Schemes

The place of the hotel is that it is good accepted by the local crowd and the visiting invitees. The hotel is besides good settled because it is now runing for many old ages and it is clear about its mark market. The Taj Palace is one of the land grade hotels in the metropolis and has been publicized at a really good rate and has been able to capture the market since a long clip.

The current scenario in the cordial reception industry in the capital has wholly changed, from the clip the hotel was setup. Now there are a batch more 5 stars in the metropolis which has given a stiff competition to Taj Palace and these hotels are eating up the market portion of the hotel.

If we compare the promotional schemes of Taj Palace with its competition it is clear that its competition is much in front than Taj Palace. Activities like nutrient festivals or utilizing media as the beginning of publicity is really less. Even the sister hotel Taj Mahal is much in front than Taj Palace. Significant difference in the market placement of the hotel has been seen over the old ages due to miss of publicity activities taken topographic point by the hotel as compared to other new hotels in the metropolis in a wholly changed scenario.

Particular bundles are been provided by the hotel to its clients along with its trueness plans carried out by the hotel to advance its services. But in the current scenario these are the schemes and guest satisfaction plans are been carried out by every other hotel nowadays or introduced by the biggest rivals and universe known trade names such as ITC Welcomgroup, Hyatt, Le Meridien, etc.

Taking the current market scenario in Delhi, the Commonwealth Games which are to be held in 2010 and with the deficiency of suites available in the metropolis for the estimated tourer going to Delhi in that peculiar season, “ Taj Palace, New Delhi ” hotel can capture it as an chance to maximise its gross revenues by supplying particular bundles to its clients and increasing their gross, in from assorted facets such as through suites, nutrient and drink services, etc.. This is one of the occasions which the hotel needs to look into and work sharply in bring forthing the gross.

Alternate schemes suggested for Taj Palace

Taking into consideration about the present placement of the “ Taj Palace, New Delhi ” hotel in the metropolis and outside The research worker based on his research would wish to propose few of the alternate schemes in order to better the quality provided by the hotel which could assist the hotel to increase its clients and gross.

Some of the suggestions are: –

One of the chief jobs which are faced by the hotel is deficit of staff during extremum season and high tenancy. The solution to the job is that the hotel can engage impermanent staff during season the impermanent staff may include trainees which may be a portion of the industry in the hereafter. The adequate will take to guest satisfaction and satisfied invitee lead to loyal guest which will increase the gross.

The hotel should on a regular basis keep nutrient fest to advance the hotel and give their peculiar individuality and will do the nutrient and drink section more popular.

A spot of Aggressive promotional activities can be taken topographic point by the hotel in order to advance the services provided by the hotel, non merely related to the gross revenues of suites to the travelers from assorted metropoliss and states, but it needs a spot more aggressive attack in advancing its nutrient and drink services provided by the hotel in order to maximise the gross. This is a necessity for the hotel as the nutrient and drink services provided by the other hotel ironss in the metropolis are much more aggressive and purpose at eating up the market of “ Taj Palace, New Delhi ” .

Drawbacks of the above suggestions

The research worker has given some solutions to the major jobs face by Taj Palace. Like every coin two sides head and dress suits and suggestions lead to drawbacks. So the drawbacks of the above suggestions are given below: –

On engaging impermanent staff on seasonal occasions will take more outgo on the hotel which will take to less gross. Second if there is a impermanent staff in the hotel it may take to confusion in the lasting staff and it will take to misconstruing could do disgruntled invitees. Hence there should a proper ratio between lasting and impermanent staff.

The other solutions that were provided by the writer in his research were chiefly related to the deficiency of promotional activities carried out by the Taj Palace. Activities related to publicity of the services provided by the hotel and the advantages taken by the other concatenation of hotels present in the metropolis and eating up the market of this peculiar hotel. Although the writer concentrates on the chief issue of the promotional activities taken up by the hotel in order to increase the gross of the hotel, but taking the promotional and activities would take a immense sum of investing and could take to miss of resources which may take to obstructor in the regular operation of the hotel. This is because utilizing the media for the publicity of the hotel could be up to deficiencies to a crore of Rupees for a individual advertizement and which might run the hotel into losingss besides.


Taj Palace hotel is certainly one of the distinguishable belongingss in Delhi and is certainly a bench grade for some of the hotels in the metropolis. The hotel certainly gives the feeling of heroic cordial reception of the Taj and Indian Hospitality. Tough the hotel faces many jobs which are being discussed above but it besides gives its invitees quality services and is one of the well known hotel in the capital. , “ Taj Palace, New Delhi ” makes it best attempts to get the better of them and attempts to keep the expansive criterion set by it and giving a tough competition to the other branded hotels in the metropolis.

After finishing his research the research worker learnt about “ Taj Palace, New Delhi ” on which the followers undertaking is being submitted. He non merely learnt about the hotel but besides the TAJ BRAND on a whole. During the research the research worker besides learnt about the capital metropolis of India and the cordial reception trends in the peculiar metropolis. During the undertaking he besides about the STP ( Segmentation, Targeting, positioning ) of Taj Palace. He besides came to cognize about SWOT analysis of the peculiar hotel. This larning about the cordial reception trends in the metropolis allowed the writer to larn about the selling schemes of the hotel and therefore, placing the springs in it and therefore, supplying with the several suggestions inorder to increase the gross of the hotel.

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