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1. The social responsibility plays an important role in today’s world and has an increasing impact on the reputation and image of the organization. The ” Mattress Firm” considers not only operational and financial performance, but also how the organization conducts its activities, takes care of its own employees, as well as activities in the interests of other market participants.
Social activities of enterprises improve the lives of local people, eliminate the need for government regulation and can be used for their own purposes. Enterprises with an attractive image for consumers can increase profits by increasing sales. On the other hand, social expenditures are transferred to consumers in the form of higher prices. Ethics deals with the principles regulating proper and improper behavior. Ethical standards describe a system of common values ​​and rules, which, according to the organization, employees must adhere. Ethical guidelines are designed to describe the goals of the organization, creating a normal atmosphere and ethical recommendations for ethical decision-making processes. The ” Mattress Firm” company has a special committee of ethics to assess daily practice in terms of ethics. Almost all the members of such committees are of senior level. Thus, the organizational policy of the company is based on understanding the psychology of workers, education of the person, culture management and the ability to manage their feelings and emotions in the course of personal relationships with subordinates, superiors and colleagues.
The whole process of ” Mattress Firm” planning is divided into two levels: strategic and operational. Strategic planning is the definition used for objectives and procedures of the organization in the long term; operational planning – a system of management of the organization for the current period. These two types of planning are connected with each specific department and are the key to a successful co-ordination.
However, goals and plans should be distinguished because the plan is a detailed set of solutions to be implemented, a list of specific activities and their perpetrators. The goal appears as the result of the planning process. Goals and planning have different variations and can be viewed from different perspectives.

The planning process of ” Mattress firm” includes:

Corporate planning (for the company as a whole);
Planning activities (planning the production of mattresses);
Planning at the level of the sales department where I work. Our supervisors are engaged in assortment planning, advertising planning, and sales planning.

Planning for ” Mattress firm” is divided into three types:

long-term planning – 5 years or more;
medium-term planning – from 2 to 5 years;
short-term planning – up to a year.
2. Organizational strategy manages the components and subsystems of the enterprise. For example, the production strategy involves maintaining an appropriate technical level of production. The market (marketing) strategy reflects the orientation of the enterprise and the production of consumer demand and involves the development and improvement of products and their effective promotion on the market. The financial strategy involves efforts made to strengthening the financial position of the enterprise and its lobbying interests in the environment. HR strategy aims at preserving the core of qualified personnel and provides the company with a set of basic principles, rules and objectives of the working process.
Implementation of the strategy is aimed at solving three problems. Firstly, the prioritization of administrative tasks so that they correspond to the relative importance of the strategy. In ” Mattress Firm» case, this fact applies to tasks such as the allocation of resources, the establishment of working relations, the creation of support systems. Secondly, ” Mattress Firm” is aimed to establish a correspondence between the chosen strategy and internal organizational processes, in order to guide the activities of the company to implement the chosen strategy. Compliance must be achieved by enterprise structure, the system of motivation, norms and organizational rules, values ​​and beliefs, the qualification of employees and managers, etc. As you can see, ” Mattress Firm” was engaged in reorganization and changed its motivation policy, using motivational video about the company (CorpU, 2010, p. 5).
” Mattress Firm” is using a strategy of growth (PRNewswire, 2010). This direction of the company`s development is aimed to continuously improve indicators of the previous period of its activity. Growth strategy is developed because of data obtained by the analysis carried out at three levels. Firstly, it should be identified possibilities of intensive growth, then – the possibilities of integration of the company with other elements of the marketing industry, and finally, the possibility of the company outside the industry (diversification growth). ” Mattress Firm” started using this strategy from 2010. It includes a deep market penetration and increased sales through aggressive marketing, the growth of sales of existing products due to the development of new markets or increasing sales by creating new products.
Mattress Firm also deals with the increasing influence on suppliers (regressive integration), distribution system (progressive integration) and competitors (horizontal integration). Ideally, the company controls the three elements of this system. Growth Strategy aims to make the most of the opportunities offered by the market, which is linked to specific business risks.


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