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Samsung smartphone customer experience essay examples

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Consumer Behavior Process of Android powered Samsung Mobile

A marketing process involves buying and selling of goods and services characterized by consumer behavior activities in order to meet potential needs and wants of consumers. Effective marketing of Samsung requires an understanding of taste, preferences, likes and dislikes, purchasing power, quantity among other traits of the consumer. Consumers have different tastes regarding their choice of mobile phones due to likes and dislikes. Similarly, different people prefer different brands as such each consumer is unique as reflected in their purchasing patterns. Some prefer to use a Samsung mobile phone; others prefer Nokia mobile phone, whereas others prefer other brands. As a result of these different preferences, the purchasing behavior patterns differ affecting the purchase decisions.
Consumers and marketers should analyze issues during the consumption process in order to make appropriate decisions. Consumer’s perspective requires addressing the pre-purchase issue. In this case, the consumer seeks to determine why he or she needs the Samsung mobile phone as well as identify the best sources of information regarding this product. Marketer’s perspective addresses customer attitudes and their methods of identifying superior products. Next issue looks at the purchase process. The consumer seeks to know if acquiring the Samsung is stressful, pleasant and what it represents of the consumer. The marketing aspect in this issue looks at factors such as time, displays and how they affect consumption decisions. Finally, the post-purchase issue will identify whether the phone will provide pleasure and serve the intended function. It also identifies the disposal and environmental consequences. In this case, the marketing perspective considers the determinants of customer satisfaction with Samsung products and the possibility of buying the same product again.
Purchase of Samsung mobile phone starts with consumer recognition of a problem. The customer may realize that the current owned a mobile phone does not meet the desired services such as internet and fast efficient services. Therefore, the consumer realizes the need for a better service and communication with other people. This is as a result of a desire to have better cell phone with internet and email capabilities. This desire transforms into a want which spells out how a consumer desire to fit into societal norms. This want create the desire for a communication device that will meet the desired features. The consumer then searches for information regarding the device that will satisfy his need. Information search and need decision making involve both the internal and external searches.
Internal search involves identification of alternative for consumers’ cell phone while external search may extend to seeking opinion from friends. The amount of effort in the search process depends on the market, product characteristics, consumer characteristics and the situation. Information can be available from search engines, magazine covers and other marketing platforms. The consumer evaluates the alternatives and weighs various options since the desired features may be available in many devices and models. The choice of the consumer depends on the personality and motivation since consumers differ based on the value they hold in a product. The consumer then visits a cell phone store where communication devices are on sale and after looking at various options chooses a Samsung S3. Next is a purchase stage that involves exchange of economic resources for the Samsung S3 cell phone.
The consumer decides if the phone is worth the price and the service plan that will make the cell phone operational. The consumer uses the cell phone and experiences associated benefits and costs. Cost in this case implies all the negative results from the use of Samsung S3. The cost in this case includes the actual price of the phone and time spent shopping and learning how to use the cell phone. It also includes the physical effort of visiting the shop. The time, effort and resources indicate the opportunity cost for the consumer and cannot be allocated to other activities. All positive effects of its use are benefits. The benefits of purchasing the Samsung cell phone may include better performance, clearer camera, mp3 feature, wireless charging and this can be realized after the consumer evaluates the effectiveness and device performance.
The consumer evaluates the benefits and costs associated with the phone and associate it with a value. The reaction may also include a thought on the features or frustration if the features do not meet the customer’s expectations. Arguably, a perception of value gets associated with the cell phone based on how conveniently and effectively the features work. If the consumer feels unsatisfied with the cell phone or low value gets attached to it, a post-purchase process may occur where the cell phone may be returned to the shop. This implies that the consumer goes through the stages again. The process should also include a consumer involvement stage. The consumer also provides feedback on the performance of the device which may influence other customers to buy or not buy the product. This follows the consumer behavior since some customers are fast to purchase of a product while others prefers to wait until some have tested and given feedback on the same.
It is vital to consider consumer motivation for buying cell phones, and this can be achieved by use of a Means end chain. This involves the logical progression of consequences of Samsung S3 use in order to achieve the desired benefit. The consumption of Samsung cell phones as discussed herein represents the process by which the phone gets used and transformed into value. This process should be understood by consumers and marketers in order to address the needs and wants of the consumer based on an analysis of benefit and costs.

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