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Lecturer Quiz The Northern Gateway pipeline is being developed by Enbridge Inc 2. The two advantages a pipeline has over tanker delivery of oil are:
a. Reduced cost of oil delivery, thereby reduction in oil prices
b. Reduced risks, such as road accidents and fires common to tanker delivery
3. The Northern Gateway pipeline will cost about 5. 5 billion Canadian Dollars (Dirk).
4. An intervener is a person or party that appears between two people or parties. When applied to contracting, an intervener is a party, such as the government, that appears between a contractor and an owner especially when there is a suit filed by one party.
5. The estimated cost of the keystone XL pipeline is 5. 2 billion USD (Dirk)
6. The approximate length of the Keystone XL pipeline is 1177 km (Dirk)
7. By 2035, world oil demand is expected to increase by over 16 million barrels per day (over 40 %) today’s demand (The Economic Times).
8. The keystone XL pipeline is expected to cross over the Ogallala aquifer in Nebraska (Dirk).
9. Currently, Canada has the world’s second largest oil reserves (Walsh and Jones).
10. Natural gas is considered a cleaner fuel than oil
11. The risks of delivering oil via tanker include:
a. Oil spillage due to tanker accidents
b. Risk of fire
12. Dewatering, in general, involves removing water from another substance. When applied to oil, it involves removing water from oil during processing.
13. Telephone Lake is an oil project in Alberta, which is unique in that the oil reserves reside below a layer of ground water (top water), which is approximately 160 meters below the surface of the earth (Cenovus Energy)
14. There are various reasons behind the expected increase in oil demand in the next 20 years. Of great importance is the fact that global population is burgeoning at a fast rate, which interprets to increased oil demand for domestic, industrial, agricultural and transport use.
15. Most global oil reserves exist in the form of oil sands
16. The Northern Gateway pipeline is expected to run from Bruderheim, in Albrta, to Kitimat, in British Columbia (Canada News Centre)
17. In the movie, Gasland, the documentary maker was from Colorado state in USA (YouTube)
18. Oil from the keystone XL pipeline will flow in the crude state
19. Canada ships oil instead of gasoline because of various reasons, some of them being:
a. Shipping gasoline is often associated with elevated risks due to its volatility, which is higher that oil
b. Due to high temperatures in the ocean, gasoline may catch fire easily compared to oil
c. Gasoline is associated with higher losses, in the form of evaporation, than oil. Therefore, airtight containers are required for shipping it, which is not the case with oil.
20. The method used to remove natural gas from shale layers is called hydraulic fracturing
21. Preparing one barrel of oil from a tar sands site requires approximately 2 to 4. 5 barrels of water
22. The largest tar sands are the Alberta (Canada) tar sands (Dirk)
23. The Northern Gateway pipeline is estimated to deliver about 525, 000 barrels per day (Canada News Centre).
24. In the movie, extreme ships, the country that makes super cargo carriers is Brazil.
25. In the movie, extreme ships, the port of California where ships made deliveries was the port of Alameda
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