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Self-reflective journal entry

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Journal entry Journal entry Working in groups is advantageous and many life forms use this in order to gain an advantage for a particular activity. Hence, this illustrates the importance of team building in any organization. Being a team player is one personal attribute that I will improve in order to be marketable as an employee. In addition, this quality will enable me to integrate into different employment environments.
The course also provided me with the appropriate tools to improve my relationship with my family, friends and other members of the community. In order to become a good leader, an individual should be able to understand his or her environment. Hence, the course enabled me to learn about my community, and different family parameters that will help in communicating and taking the appropriate action in different situations.
In addition, I was also able to learn the important elements that one needs to be a good leader. In order for one to be a good leader, he or she should recognize the values of this position and distinguish between leadership and simple management. The difference between these two factors illustrates a true leader and the common misconception of this role. A leader does not simply command but woks with his subordinates in order to achieve a common goal. In addition, leadership is about honesty, integrity and setting a good example. I learnt one of the most important elements of leadership is being able to recognize and understand the people around you. Once one is aware of this, he can delegate, communicate and lead his team.
Motivation is also a key element of leadership. The course showed me that individuals may only reach their true potential when they are well motivated. In addition, motivation stimulates other attributes in individuals such as innovation and loyalty. Therefore, I learnt that all leaders should learn to utilize different motivational tools to attain the best results from their subordinates. People are usually motivated by many factors and these include achievement, acknowledgement, recognition and ensuring that all their needs or questions are answered.
Leadership is a continuous learning process, and I hope to continue improving my communication skills. I also hope to learn how to relate to different people as this will help me make better decisions. In fact, my communication has improved significantly since the beginning of the course. I was able to learn the different modes of communication, which are either verbal or non verbal. I was able to learn that these two are equally important and necessary for effective communication. My communication has also enabled me to coordinate and take part in different group discussions. These are important as they are the platform for sharing ideas, and they should be done appropriately to encourage each participant.
During the course I took a personality trait assessment and I was able to learn that I am ESTJ Personality type. I am an individual who is particular on continuity and order. I prefer everything around me and the individuals I associate with to be orderly and to follow the rules.

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