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Ses and achiement

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SES and Achievement SES and Achievement The socioeconomic status (SES) affects societies around the world in different ways. The factors play a significant role in determining the success or failure of a society. The SES is usually measured as a combination of education, income, and occupation (American Psychological Association (APA), 2014). The factors also play a role in revealing inequalities in access to and allocation of resources (APA, 2014). One of their influences has been shown to be on education achievements. A reflection on how SES affects student achievement helps in analyzing ways in which schools or communities may reverse the trend.
SES affects the student’s achievements in various ways. First, schools located in low SES neighborhoods are affected negatively. Such schools tend to have fewer resources as compared to schools from high SES (Brogan, 2009). Therefore, such students face poor start in their schools. Moreover, teachers in such schools are also more likely to be less paid and trained as compared to higher SES areas (Brogan, 2009). Such teachers lack motivation to train and thus offering less skill to students. The overall effect is low achievement for such students (Brogan, 2009).
Secondly, SES influences support from homes. It has been shown that schools in low SES environs do not get assistance from homes of the students (Brogan, 2009). Home is crucial in improvement of academic skills (Brogan, 2009). A good upbringing in a home is most likely to increase the student’s proficiency in verbal skills, reading, and mathematics (Brogan, 2009). On the other hand, students from high SES are more likely to do a lot of reading and get proficient skills (Brogan, 2009). Additionally, families from low SES are also less likely to have time to provide children learning assistance (APA, 2014). The difference contributes to low academic achievement to students from low SES.
Moreover, there is a strong relationship between SES and education attainment of parents. For example, a parent from high SES family is most likely to have advanced studies (Brogan, 2009). Such mothers will most likely know the essence for inspiration towards education. This may involve encouraging self-study and not watching much of television. On the contrary, a mother from low SES is most likely to have dropped from school. Hence, there is little hope of offering motivation to her children on the importance of education. Therefore, such children will have no time for self-study and hence get involved in activities such as watching television (Brogan, 2009). The effect will be poor education performance.
Various ways exist in which Schools and communities can improve student achievement from the lower SES communities. First, there should be guidance and counseling to the parents on the needs of motivation children to put extra effort in education. Such parents should also be educated on the role children can play through education in changing the family status. Moreover, there should be preschool programs that role will be enhancing such children to be prepared for school. Furthermore, the community can look into ways that can help reduce the disparities.
In conclusion, it is clear that SES affects students’ achievement in various ways. The low SES leads to dismal students’ performance. This is due to lack of resources, lack of access to properly trained teachers, lack of motivation, and education level of parent. Therefore, it is only through intervention programs by schools and communities that can reduce these challenges.

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