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Sherlock holmes

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Sherlock Holmes is a very wanted man. Many go look for him for help and assistance in a case or a problem they are having. With this said you would more likely think that he does it for money, that he uses his special gift of solving mysteries as a way of getting money. But on the contrary Holmes doesn’t even care for the money, he does it for the thrill of it, for the love of solving a case. In some of his stories you are able to see that most of the time he doesn’t even take money from his clients, he often sees value on other stuff that will just make him remember that case.

Some of the example stories that we will be using are A scandal in Bohemia, The Red headed League, The Greek Interpreter among others. At the beginning of the Red Headed League Mr. Wilson ask Holmes before leaving his office what about the pay? Holmes only says do not worry about that it will be taken care of. As the story proceeds you notice that there is a lot of money involved in the case, so you would think that he would come out with a big pay.

At the end of the story when Mr. Merry weather said to Holmes “ I do not know the bank can thank you or repay you” Holmes could have easily asked for some of the French golden coins but all Holmes said was “ I have one or two little scored of my own to settle with Mr. John Clay. ” and also “ I shall expect the bank refund, but beyond that I am amply repair by having had an experience which is in many ways unique…. ” you can see by this that money does not matter to Mr. Sherlock Holmes. One example of how Sherlock Holmes helps any social economic class would be what he did in his short story “ A Scandal in Bohemia” which was a very interesting story.

He went through a lot in that story, first of all he didn’t know a king would come to him to solve a case. The second fact was that he took that case because he was really interested in the person who was involved in the mystery, which was Irene Adler, and we know that because at the beginning of the story he was talking about it. He was saying “ To Sherlock Holmes she is always the woman” ( Conan Doyle, “ Scandal in Bohemia”). To top it off, at the end of the story was what gave this an easy understanding of how Sherlock’s Holmes works for any social economic class.

It was when he finally solved the case that he got the mysterious box were the picture of the king of Bohemia and Irene Adler was supposed to be at. He opened it up and found a picture of Irene alone and a letter which he started to read and the letter was saying that she had no means in keeping that picture she had with the king of Bohemia because it was of no use to her now she had found a new love. Sherlock tells the king what he had read and the king congratulates him on a job well done and offers him anything he wants as a gift but Sherlock’s doesn’t want anything at all.

He only wants Irene picture. The solitary cyclist is a perfect example of how Holmes is a defender of justice and not just of one economic class. For is not about who you are but about how interesting is the case that you bring to him. In this particular story Miss Violet case was very good, that was even able to move him away from his experiments and grab his complete attention. “ My friend, who loved above all things precision and concentration of though, resented anything which distracted his attention from the matter at hand.

Yet without a harshness which was foreign to his nature it was impossible to refuse to listen to her story”. In the story Miss Violet is simply just a music teacher with no richest and he still hears her and decides to help her. Even at the end of the story he help does in need even when the criminal are rich. What makes Holmes a defender of justice is that he helps does in need of, gives them advice and he doesn’t do it for money but for curiosity? “ My friend, who loved above all things precision and concentration of though, resented anything which distracted his attention from the matter at hand.

Yet without a harshness which was foreign to his nature it was impossible to refuse to listen to her story”. In the story of The Man With a Twisted Lip, Sherlock Holmes is observed as an impartial defender of justice because due to the events that took place, he not only sees justice from one side of the road, but instead assumes all different points of view to solve the mystery. We can clearly see him make connections between details and precise timing of the events that all others totally missed. He also makes use of hidden clues that us as readers couldn’t know until the end of the story.

In addition, the devotion he has with his cases makes him unique. And lastly, the ability he has to discern between justice as law and the right thing to do is what attracts us to his character. In the Greek Interpreter Sherlock Holmes went to visit his brother Mycroft. Mycroft said “ I have asked Mr. Melas to step across” Melas was Mycroft neighbor. He was a interpreter and the most particular language that he used was Greek. Sherlock Holmes was anxious to hear the story and he put all his attention to Melas case. He never asked his brother what type of person was Melas or what was his economic class.

You can see that he took the case because he loves what he does and not because of money. He just took the chance that his brother brought to him. He not just resolve the case but he also saved Melas life. Sherlock Holmes was a very dedicated Man. He put his heart in every case. He did not care if the people that ask him to resolve a problem where rich or poor. He gave everything in every single case. This says a lot of Sherlock Holmes, because what matters the most for him was to resolve the problem with a outstanding manner. He never asked for money, he just enjoyed his gift of solving cases.

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