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Snow white’s other life

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Snow White was the prettiest girl there was. Smooth silk skin, red wine lips, big blue eyes, and a smile that could kill. One night snow and her seven friends were walking through the woods. She should not have gone out of the castle but her stepmother had mad he so mad she just had to leave and get away. When she was walking through the woods she felt a sharp pain in the back of her neck and after that, she went blank.

Snow White woke up in a glass coffin with the taste of bitter apple in her mouth and a stranger’s face staring into hers. A white face with dangerously sharp pointed teeth. She sat up, pressed her hand to her stinging neck, and stared at the two dots of blood on her palm. Snow just stared and stared at the blood. She was scared what the strange man was going to say. The stranger broke into a smile, making those teeth all the more visible to see. “ Ah, good! It hasn’t been too long. How do you feel?” All right I guess, but who are you?” Snow looked around. The moonlight seemed as bright as day. All seven of her friends watched from behind a tall pine tree and their faces with terror”. What’s wrong girls?” she asked them. They just stared at her with fear and breathing heavily. “ Really, I’m all right, but I just want to know who you are?” Actually, I’m afraid you’re not”, said the stranger, offering her a hand out of the coffin. He didn’t look too well himself: super pale, bluish around the lips.

But he moved with strength and grace and wore a gold coronet as though he were accustomed to it. “ Technically, you’re dead. If you come with me, I’ll explain”. Snow’s heart plummeted, but she forced a smile. “ At least my stepmother will leave me alone now”. Snow white had returned home to gather her things and she would soon leave after that to be with her true love”. I wish you hadn’t come in here, Stepmother”. “ How dare you speak to me that way? First, you run off just because we get into a fight? You didn’t tell me where you were going and I was scared half to death!” “ Leave. now. My husband and I agreed to give you this one chance to just walk away. Go, stop this ridiculous rivalry, and we’ll let you free”. “ Husband? Since when did you get married? You ran out on me when we were in the middle of arguing”. “ As you wish”. A young man in an old-fashioned suit and gold coronet entered the room and placed a gentle hand on Snow’s arm”. Stepmother, may I present my husband”. The young man inclined his head. “ So; you admit that you left my wife lying in a coffin”. “ She was dead! This time she was dead! I know it! I made sure of it!” “ So she is, and you did make sure of it”, he agreed, smiling. His smile showed his dangerously sharp pointed teeth once again. “ And yet Snow White is still the fairest of them all”. He took the Stepmother by one arm and Snow took the other, their grips inhumanly strong. “ Please, come in. you’re just in time for our wedding supper”.

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