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Social media business audit report examples

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Social Media Business Audit

Sacred Heart Mission is a missionary company with an honored history of working with the less privileged members of the community, with a view to help rebuilding their lives. Ever since the start of its operations in 1982, this organization has grown into an inventive organization. With a profound generosity and a vast pool of talent in-within, this organization has become self-sustaining in its daily operations. Furthermore, it has continually received noteworthy support from stakeholders and other members of outer community. This organization is located in St Kilda, an urban suburb in the heart of Melbourne, Australia. This Mission is a leader and a verbal activist, extending a human arm to poor or homeless people. Daily, this mission aids numerous homeless and poor people to find food, shelter, care and other forms of humanitarian support.
A medium-sized non-profit organization, growing from a Catholic parish, Sacred Heart Mission philanthropically addresses plights of the homeless, the socially secluded and other less privileged society members. Among a range of creative services, this mission provides includes access to food, housing, laundry and bathroom facilities, and healthcare services. Moreover, it empowers people with the ability to connect with their community, thereby developing supportive networks for sustaining and nurturing lives. It achieves this through provision of additional services like crisis support, rehabilitation of prostitutes, recreational facilities and hostel care. Sacred Heart Mission utilizes various social media channels to communicate to its customers and other potential clients.
The marketing holds an obligation to communicate to its clients through viable media outlets. Two predominant media this firm uses to advertise its services to customers are through its website and Facebook page. One prominent strategy Sacred Heart Mission applies in Facebook is to invite fans to like their page. Moreover, they post comments that invite customers and other potential clients to their various services. Once customers like this Facebook page, updates automatically reflect on Facebook pages of customers, thereby establishing contact. Perhaps, photos advertising upcoming events may be uploaded for customers to view. Nevertheless, Sacred Heart Mission’s online campaigns through its official website have been comparatively effective. Web advertising has significantly expanded awareness of the existence of this incredible company. Services and programs portrayed in this firm’s website attract a completely new group of probable customers.
People who have never visited their retail locations significantly benefit by accessing online services through their website. Through online offers like discount coupons, Sacred Heart Mission encourages in-store beneficiaries of their services to visit their website. With their goals and services clearly outlined in such websites, sales increase significantly. Utilizing active pay-per-click campaigns or viable organic search approaches, websites of companies can attract numerous global visitors. Their business website serves to protect the brand of this company’s services online. By staking their corporate claim in their website, this firm secures its domain name from cybersquatting. By establishing their status online, Sacred Heart Mission secures its brand from malice by unscrupulous organizations.
This firm’s website contains their business information and other details pertaining their products and services. Since websites operate all the time, this information is accessible to all customers even if they close their business. In the modern world, most customers often use their cellphones in browsing for available businesses and products (or services) they offer. Even with short descriptions of their website, Sacred Heart Mission helps potential customers in the location their business premises. This is important for travelling customers looking for restaurants, inns and other cafeterias services. Due to the internet’s nature and numerous corporations already in the global web, this organization may fail to reach its targeted clients. Intense competition from other Google-preferred wealthier business may affect marketing of this firm’s products and services.
Organizations with websites risk attracting negative publicity especially when customers feel dissatisfied with products or services offered. Consequently, they may opt to vent their frustrations by making awful comments (or reviews) regarding such websites. This could damage a company’s reputation whilst lowering search engine rankings. Nevertheless, not owning a website would not prevent the occurrence such events. However, it prompts thorough monitoring of events in these websites and making necessary improvements on product (or service) delivery. Offering quality customer services and responding aptly to comments (or reviews) form clients can aid in combating this hitch. This calls for consistent updating of websites by administrator in response to recommended adjustments. Information contained on websites, if not regularly updated, may be unreliable in terms. Necessary changes in services or products ought to be updated in these websites to ensure reliability.
Sacred Heart Mission has successfully executed their marketing strategies with an emphasis on the social relation through social media. These strategies have been crucial in overall growth of this company for the past five years. With a sturdy appearance on manifold social networks, this company has become an icon in social treatment and engagement with its clients. By building its business completely on a digital realm, Sacred Heart Mission has emerged into a major brand ranking in customer relations through social networks. When this company announces its customer service, it shares on social media platforms like its official website page and Facebook. Quite obviously, this firm’s marketing tactics target social sites where customers are likely to hang out. With global digital transformations, cross-promotions have become valuable. Every network offers a chance to grasp their targets in new channels, thereby increasing visibility to potential customers and promoting their brand.


– Sacred Heart Mission ought to brainstorm on viable techniques of rewarding their fans and customers by making them stars. The more fans and followers are spotlighted on social media sites, the more they will frequently engage in these sites thus promoting this company’s brand.
– This company should increase their target areas by indulging in trending social sites like LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, besides staying active on Google+.
– Sacred Heart Mission should treat each social media channel as an independent entity depending on the audience they target. For instance, target customers using LinkedIn are more business-minded compared to the audience in Instagram, who prefers graphic content.


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