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Sociology of cultural differences

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Sharon believes she is not a better person unless she recreates herself by balancing the East and West. The two women believe true beauty and success is only attained by being western (Wong). It shows they lack confidence in themselves; thus, convincing them that they are beautiful and attractive the way they are, is an uphill task.
Personally, I would not change anything about myself even if I had all the resources to do so. In as much as most people spend most of their time admiring their images in mirrors, beauty entails more than the outward appearance. I believe that success is not measured by the physical appearance of individuals. The yardstick for measuring success should be embedded on an individual’s educational background, talents, and capabilities. Therefore, appreciating ourselves the way we are is beauty itself. In addition to that, one should not change our physical appearance to please people.
Question 2
Renee Thompson’s beauty, drive and walks are the essentials required for any model. In as much as the market does not favour her, she struggles to make her career in the modelling world (Haywood). The modelling world and industry consider modelling to be for whites, making Renee Thompson struggle despite her extraordinary beauty, style and glamour.
If I were her, I would never give up modelling to look for another profession. I would fight to the end since I have all the profession demands. My drive would be to enlighten the stakeholders in the industry to give everybody a chance as well as stop racial stereotyping. I would make them understand that I did not choose to be born black; and that they should see me as a human being with modelling qualifications, not as a black woman.

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