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MacDonald`s Corporation is regarded as the American powerful, fast food service economy. Currently, the organization serves approximately 68 million clients on a daily basis across 119 nations. The organization has managed to make a profit of about $5. 5 billion with a deep cultural pride in its “ patrimonial culinaire” (Schlosser et al. 4)
Theories indicate that the culture/cognitive trend in MacDonald Corporation have led to the trend of homogeneity and standardization. Given the large scope of globalization cultural trend, MacDonald Corporation has been able to address the principles of its fast food dominance in the easiest and efficient manner. The culture of homogeneity and standardization has made every American enjoy the fast food service provided by the organization (Schlosser et al. 5).
In terms of population ecology, the MacDonald has managed to capture all the age groups at a given percentage. Schlosser et al in his work, acknowledges that a fast food has infiltrated every cranny and nook of American society. A marketing study conducted indicates that the industry has mainly relied on the young population followed by the adults. This trend has been experienced because the fast food program is inexpensive and relatively pockets-friendly to the young generation. This ecological segment has made the organization break the traditional cultural customs and adopted marketing strategies towards the youth (Schlosser et al. 3)
In conclusion, MacDonald has managed to adopt highly stylized fast food outlets that capture both the population ecology and cultural perspective. This Golden Arch trends has made it hard to understate the organization but to widely recognize it across the borders.

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