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Softball vs baseball

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It may become obvious one day that baseball and fast pitch softball although similar are two very different sports. Obvious in the sense that fast pitch softball is just as physically demanding as baseball. That females softball athletes are every bit as tough of the males baseball who play a similar sport. The similarities are what groups the two sports together but the Intensity on the passion for the game of softball far exceeds that of baseball. Softball and baseball have always been lumped together due to their similarities.

The sport of softball is for females where assessable is more geared toward males, with some exceptions of female team members. Taking a closer look Into the whole sport is what sets them apart. At first, spectators see the similarities, the fields lined in white chalk, bats, balls, bases and gloves. Someone in the crowd may even notice that base path distance varies between the two sports, and correctly so. They may even notice that the pitcher throws the ball under hand, in a windmill motion in softball opposed to overhand In baseball.

All of these are good visual observations of the differences but the feelings of entertainment do not start until the games actually begin. Baseball has been American’s past time for many years. It was and still continues to be a place where fathers and sons share a special day together. Memoriesare and were made at ball parks and the anticipation of catching a foul ball was top on the list. Sure there are still families who truly enjoy the sport and share the passion of watching a game but it has lost its appeal for many reasons.

The professional players are expected to make the big plays and get dirty when doing it. They have salaries in the millions; a little dirty Is expected from the crowds. Along with some of the attitudes of these layers, they passion Is lost and It has Just become a Job. Thechildhoodpassion Is forgotten and misplaced by the fame and fortune that has taken its place. Softball parks are mainly reserved for school aged children, high school and college aged teams. The seating Is comprised of metal benches on either side of the field, a lot less luxurious than the seating at a baseball park.

Many spectators bring fold out chairs and sit nearthe fencelines to watch the games. The crowds do not compare to that of a baseball game but yet there is something electrifying in the atmosphere. Why? The grass is the same, so Is the equipment and uniforms of the players. It’s lust a bunch of girls with pony tailed hair who are dressed In boys’ uniforms and shoes. The girls wear mouth pieces and have non glare make-up under their eyes, not worrying about losing their feminine side, its game time.

These similarities fade when the umpire yells ” batter up” and the batter steps into the batter’s box. The Immediate rehearsed chants and synchronized claps start from the dugout of the away team, encouraging the crowd to participate which they do so enthusiastically. The crowd is immediately an active participant in the game from the very beginning. The batters are not swinging for the fences but rather strategically placing the ball on the field to obtain base runners. The game Is fast paced and fielded players are always In constant motion, keeping the eyes of the crowd engaged.

There Is no lollygagging like in baseball where the crowd’s attention is focused on something 1 OFF purchase at a ridiculously high price. The excitement of the crowds’ involvement and the epic battle between pitcher and batter has begun. The sixty feet of distance teen the two provides very little reaction time of the batter, thus intensifying the entertainment value of the game. The females on the field are sacrificing their bodies to make the plays, which they often do.

They are not afraid or apprehensive to dive for a ball to make the catch or slide head first to be safe at the base. The crowds lose control during these plays and the noise level is elevated, a fire is fueled. These are scenarios common in both sports but baseball players being male are more expected to do so, losing some of the wow factor that softball players provide. The stereotype of the well manicured, dainty female is bypassed when you see a grass stained uniform of a softball player.

These players are totally submerged in the game and the only concern is to win. Not a cracked fingernail or hair out of place. The dugout chants increase vocally with every passing inning Just as the uniforms original colors fade from clean to dirt covered. By the seventh inning at least one player on the field has blood visible to the crowd. The game is over but the atmosphere is still alive. Each team shakes hands as acts of sportsmanship Just like assessable players will do.

However, unlike baseball the softball players enter a circle on the field by their dugouts. They are still chants being yelled, especially if the team wins. The celebration is not a meager baseball high five or a slap on the backside as recognition. These girls are animated and their intensity is contagious. Challenge you to visit a local softball park and experience the true passion for the sport. Softball is similar is similar to baseball in many ways but more entertaining and crowd participation thus setting this sport above mostly all baseball games.

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