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Softbank corp

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Softbank Corp. is a Japanese company founded by Masayoshi Son in the early ‘ 80’s. Softbank ranks among one of the most prolific purveyors of technology-related products, software, and Internet-related services in the world. In the early ‘ 90’s, the company saw a dramatic rise from fledgling company to one of the world’s largest investors in the fields of e-commerce and Internet-related services. Son’s company is comprised by divisions of media, marketing, and internet services all integrated into one, and complementing each other’s function.

Softbank owes its success to Son’s entrepreneurial skills and business acumen. Softbank is considered as a force to be reckoned, and can rival prominent software company Microsoft. Arguably, Softbank founder Son is the most influential man in the field of e-commerce preceding Bill Gates. However, as the threat of globalization looms, the firm has experienced losses that increased its liabilities. With this in mind, The firm is adamant in making substantial acquisitions in order to sustain its profit margins and revenue generation.

What kind of specific global strategies does Softbank need to undertake in order to be the key player in the internet and technology-related markets in Japan, North America, and other global markets? What did you learn about Softbank’s global diversification initiatives and global strategies? Undoubtedly, Softbank is the largest investor in e-commerce in the world today. It has garnered substantial revenues during its prime. It has transcended its own reputation and expectations as a Japanese company.

The firm has increased its market share of the internet; acquiring shares from Western-based internet companies. However, there lies the main problem that the firm faces being a large company in a Westernized world of globalization. Bar none, the firm is lost in utter obscurity amidst the success it has. Softbank has ignored the fact that even if it owns 10% of total Internet market share, the company has yet to be recognized in the United States and other global markets. For instance, Softbank partially owns Ziff-Davis Inc. , in which the name suggests is an American brand.

Softbank may own a plethora of Internet market shares, but what it lacks is substantial advertising in order to be recognized as a prime mover and pioneer in the field of e-commerce. With this in mind, Softbank’s profit margins are threatened. The firm has to re-establish itself not only as a Japanese firm, but as a global player as well in order interact and compete with other investors carrying the Softbank brand. Softbank needs more advertising campaign in order to bolster its revenues and reduce its liabilities. Conclusion Global branding should be at the forefront of the firm’s re-establishment movement.

If its to become a global player, Softbank should introduced itself to a Western market. Also, the firm has to relocate its main offices in order to assert itself in the Western world similar in how the firm started in Japan. However, Softbank should initiate in an “ adapt and promote” method in order to entice investors, which are clueless about the Softbank brand. Furthermore, if they are to focus on e-commerce, its media subsidiaries should take a backseat or complement the firm as a medium to promote the firm as a global brand.

Softbank needs to use the threat of globalization to their advantage. Softbank is a Japanese company; therefore the firm has to consider that the world owes its progressive technology from the Japanese. The firm should focus more on maximizing opportunities in the global market, while recognizing the threats that should start internal matters such as reducing liabilities. Softbank should launch its marketing campaign in the highly-competitive Western arena by asserting that the firm is a brand.

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