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Strategic control

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For any organization to achieve efficiency in increasing its market share and improving its growth, it must have a strategy. Most of these strategies are always summarized in the mission and vision statement of a business organization. For instance, the mission statement normally outlines what the company seeks to undertake, while the vision statement provides a long term objectives of the company or the business organization under consideration (David, 2005). The methods of achieving the vision and mission of the company are referred to as the strategies of the organization. Therefore, the assertion that strategies are aimed at accomplishing the future aspiration of a business organization is true (Jeyarathnam, 2008).
It is important to explain that strategies are always enacted continuously for a given period of time, or until the time when it is able to meet its objectives. Because strategies are developed for a long period of time, there is a need of creating controls for purposes of ensuring that the strategy under consideration is able to meet its objectives. Of the four types of controls, premise and strategic surveillance controls are the most efficient in the identification of the different needs of the company, and that of its customers (Jeyarathnam, 2008). For instance, under premise control, an organization would analyze the basic assumptions of a strategic plan, for purposes of finding out whether they will be effective when there are changes in business operations, customer’s needs, and competition.
This is important because a strategic plan will only be enacted and implemented if it would manage to steer the company when changes occur in its operations. On the other hand, the surveillance strategic plan helps an organization to collect the necessary information that affects the internal and external operations of the business (Pearce and Robinson, 2013). A business organization that develops its strategies based on accurate information will most definitely come up with a relevant strategy that will meet its objectives and needs. Implementation and special alert controls are also important (Pearce and Robinson, 2013. Implementation controls helps in the identification of failures, in the manner which a strategy is implemented. On the other hand, special alert controls involve an in-depth analysis for purposes of identifying unforeseen and immediate threats that an organization faces.
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