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Strategy proposal

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It is more specialized as it Is able to detect chemicals used In most bombs, In addition to its normal function of being a metal detector. It has a property of displaying the scanned person’s data on a LCD screen.

Our company took this Annihilative after realizing that our former products were very secure ND thus had some Limitations. These upgrades can positively change the functionality of the whole scanning system. Our client, William Gateway Airport in Chandler, has a drive toward initiative and we will use this technology for the first time in their airport.

Due to the complexity of this equipment, we are to train the personnel who will be installing it. There is need to certify the employees, who are legally mandated to operate these gadgets at the airport.

One month training will be needed to enable them to properly utilize the equipment. The technology to use The majorities of the employees have a basic high school education, but have no college education. Any mistake arising from installation and operation of these units could be a disaster. The technology to start this project will be the HI, which Is hand held.

The purpose of Initiating this project with this form of technology Is because It Is better than the former technology and as a company we would Like to deliver the best.

Then afterwards, we will introduce the whole body scanner which is Budget Budget item Amount (in dollars) Personnel $25, 000 Materials for training (practical) 75, 000 Stationery Equipment for presentation Travel expenses $50, 00 Other $45, 000 Total $ 200, 000 The above budget estimates are used for the designated purposes. The personnel to be paid and the individuals who will be assisting with training and installation. The materials for training and the pieces of training they will use to practice what they have acquired in theory.

These instruments will include the gadgets which will be used for simulation purpose.

Training strategy Since I am having a very short time span, I will try to use the best method I think they will understand quickly. For instance, I will start with the theoretical presentation which will roughly take one week, I will teach, and have them to take short notes and ask questions. The second phase will involve presentations, which every member will be able to disable every part using power point presentations and then theory exams.

The third week will involve simulations and start of practical. The fourth week will need more emphasis, here students will work in groups, and take practical, and both as group and individual. The final week will also be finalized by practical examinations and then the certification (Nana, 1996).

Project Timeline Since the timeline available is limited to a month, a successful plan is required. First I will divide the process into 4 phases.

WEEK ACTIVITY First week Teach theory Second Week Power point presentations and theory testing Simulations and practical Fourth week Practical, exams on practical and certification How to check for operator’s competence This will be done in an organized manner. The employee will first be required to attend all the training as indicated in the timeline. Then each trainee will be provided with a questionnaire which they will be required to fill out.

The questionnaire will include questions in regards to the training.

This will be followed by an oral interview from the selected managers of the company. An analysis will be done based on the report from each trainee’s overview of the whole process. The higher rated trainee will be awarded a competitive position in the order of their report (Danseuses, 1985). How to set up for the certification process After the report, the qualified trainee will be required to be examined on the general knowledge of the company and the duties they are expected to perform. This will encompass the challenges they are expected to face and the solution they will offer.

This will be based on cognitive skills unlike the first part. For instance, trainees will be required to come up with a case, analyze it and provide challenges and solution to the case. The trainee who qualifies in this session will be awarded with certificates.

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