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Structure and hierarchy bicycle company

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The U. S. structure is based on the U. S. constitution where the country is comprised of 50 states. The federal government comprises of the Executive branch (president), Legislative branch (bicameral congress and the Judiciary branch (Supreme Court). The United States has 2- party system since 1850s, the Democratic and Republican parties. The president and other candidates (state representatives) are elected by the citizens. The governance structure enhances political stability which will be good for the company business in the US market. Working Relationships

The United States has well-developed working relationships with various companies and countries. This has been supported by its powerful economy together with the establishment of new businesses which have increased with time. Good working relationships provide business networks that are beneficial and productive and are most likely to enhance success of bicycle business if introduced. Political Dimension The two party systems show that each party has a broadcoalitionof interests with the Democrats being pro-labor and more inclined to espouse socially liberal attitudes towardscivil rightsand welfare expenditure.

The Republicans promote low tax rates, in combination with a welfare system that is limited in addition to advocating for a strong military & a tough criminal justice system. If the bicycle products are to be introduced in the market, the Pounder Bicycle Company needs to know the marketing and labor laws. This prevents conflicts of interests whenever each party is inleadership. The U. S is stable politically and will offer a favorable businessenvironment. Legal dimensions The U. S. laws allow establishment by foreign business companies.

However, the U. S. government may not do business with some individuals and firms if involved in illegal forms of activities. The law regulates the export and import of sensitive goods and technologies with the legal system governing all companies in the US market activities. The laws regulate business transactions in the market offering a favorable working environment of the bicycle company. Commercial law The commercial law in the U. S. regulates the corporate contracts, manufacture and sale of commodities and the hiring practices in the companies.

The modern U. S. commercial law is a derivation from law merchant 17th century principles and these principles have been incorporated in the U. S states commercial statutes. The statutes cover all business and marketing fields for each state. Commercial laws stipulated by the states enable companies to operate under well organized management, and the company by venturing into the market will operate under proper organization for the product success in the market. Labor laws The U.

S. federal and Employment laws that govern the labor issues define the rights of all U. S. workers. The laws protect workers from employer’s retaliation in case the workers exercise their rights under the law. The workers may also report violations to the authorities. Employers who exploit workers are liable to be charged in court. The bicycle company will be able to operate in an environment where workers are productive and confident of their work encouraged by the labor laws.

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