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In the field of art, several styles of forming the expression of a painter’s idea of a certain thee is present through the history arts. Several painters have been involved in presenting their ideas through the utilization of many artistic styles. Among the artistic styles widely used in the field of painting are the International Gothic Style and the High Renaissance Style. Both types of painting display different forms of expressing art as a form of communicating their ideas to the society.

The International Gothic Style is characterized by the elegant and graceful figures which enhances the images and the message being presented by the paintings. However, using several media effects, the images at times appear to be a bit artificial in form. The forms and figures becomes a little brighter than the works based upon pure manual work of art. Although this is the case, it is still obvious that even though media effects are incorporated within the art pieces, the message is still clearly sent to the viewers of the painted art. Meanwhile, High Renaissance Style is characterized by the explosion of creative genius ideas on art.

This style has been used through the stretch of years from 1450-1520. Now, the same style is being redeveloped along with the mixture of painting style with the latest media effects available through technology and computer application. The High Renaissance Style is known for its technical competence and its rich artistic presentation of imaginative design. The heroic composition of the images presented through this style is indeed shown through the use of harmony and balance of the figures featured through the produced artistic pieces. To have a better understanding of the artistic styles and presentations mentioned above, two of the most widely known art pieces, which have been revised and repainted by many painters on their own version, shall be examined. For the International Gothic Style, The Coronation of The Virgin painted by Gentile de Fabriano shall be observed as to how the figures of its presentation where shown in connection with the message of the art work.

For the High Renaissance Style, the version of Madonna ad Child by Lorenzo Di Credi shall be examined as well. The Elements of Creative ArtBoth paintings created by the painters mentioned above have their own characteristics that depicts the message each painter wants to send the viewing public. The following re the elements of art and painting that contributes to the said matter of concern. Hence, both paintings shall be analyzed as to how they are able to convey their message to their audiences. Space AnalysisThe ‘ Coronation of the Virgin’ is more of a wide spaced painting wherein the point of attention is focused upon the arising ‘ Mary’ towards the direction of heaven.

This spacious factor in the said painting thus contributes to the sense of centralized visionary element that the painter would want to imply to the viewers.; On the other hand, the painting of ‘ Madonna and Child’ has a more intact space. This is mainly to denote the close connection of the characters portrayed by the images found in the painting. The closeness shows the relationship that exists between the mother and the child which is common to the actual events in the world. This factor helps portray the painting’s touching message of the caring thoughts of a mother towards her child. Form” Coronation of the Virgin” has a form that shows femininity and the fragile aspect of a woman’s character.

The characteristics of being free and constantly changing is being depicted by the ascending picturesque of” Mary”. On the other hand, Madonna and Child depicts the other side of the woman on being a mother. A caring woman who is able to support her young amidst all the challenges in life, whether easy or not. Design and FiguresBoth the design and figures of the paintings are used to show the elements of the images that are used to show the differences of the aspects of the used art and how they are able to contribute to the message wanted to be sent by the painters. Use of Light and ShadowThe use of light effects in the paintings differ much depending on the way the message is supposed to be presented.

For the Coronation of the Virgin, the light and shadow appears to be coming from the dove that is in flight above Mary’s head. This naturally shows the divination of the circumstance which actually portrays the holy responsibility placed upon Mary’s head. . On the other hand, Madonna and Child has the light illuminating around the images. This normally depicts the expansion of the image as it highlights a mother’s love to her child.

Color Hue and RhythmColor combination and produces the hue and the rhythm in any art work. Hence, the paintings being examined herein both had their own styles of applying rhythm and hue within their appearance. This could also refer to the brightness or the darkness of the colors used within the images. As for the paintings being examined herein, the brightness of the color used has been applied in the painting of the Coronation, mainly gold encryptions. While dark hues were combined in Madonna and child, these dark hues were used along with the bright mixture of colors for Madonna’s dress of red, green and blue puts the center of attention to the mother. The bright hues depict peace of mind and freedom while the dark hues portray calmness and seriousness of the message of the painting.

TextureAs applied by the painters, the presentation of the Coronation is roughly intensified. This is to enhance the ‘ loudness’ of the victorious picturesque portrayed in the picture. The intensity of the message is seen through the etches of roughness especially applied on the edges towards the image being portrayed. On the other hand, Madonna and Child has been placed in smooth presentation. This is to denote the calmness of the environment in the painting.

The warm affection of the mother is highlighted through the use of smooth palate for the entire imagery. Media EffectsFor the painting of Madonna and Child, the media effects were not so much obvious, however with the Coronation of the Virgin, the use of etched halo and the encryption of the gold leaves along the top edges of the painting shows much artistry and attracts attention towards the main features of the painting. The brightness of the color combination for the Coronation of the Virgin has been mainly used to show elegance of the main images portrayed by the painter in the said artwork. The Message portrayedWith the usage of the special effects and ample applications of artistic features on the painting, the message has been clearly sent out. Motherhood, as portrayed in the Madonna and Child painting is clearly shown as a basic factor that shows love and calmness of a mother’s care for her child.

On the other hand, Coronation of the Virgin depicts the responsibility bestowed to Mary as the mother of all creations. Through the embedded features of artistic presentation the message is clearly sent through. Along with the elegance and elaborated designs, the message has been obviously presented to the viewers of the art work. Religious and social, maternal and feminist views have been clearly bestowed. The elements of art which were described herein which were utilized to determine the comparison and the contrasting factors between the “ Coronation of the Virgin” and the “ Madonna and Child” paintings indeed showed the effort of the painters.

The specification placed upon the paintings worked well to simply be able to meet the required intensity of creativity that is supposed to be placed upon the sending of the message to the viewers of the art works. Background details for the PaintingsBoth the paintings were created during the heightened time of religious pursuits of the European regions as they claim different countries around the world as their allied colony. The religious belief of Mary’s heroic display of motherhood to Jesus andto the entire humanity is depicted by both the paintings. Hence, the clarity of the message of the paintings is depicted by the trend in painting that is present during the times when they were first produced. For Lorenzo Di Credi’s Madonna and Child, the painting has been produced for an altarpiece. The landscapes behind the image of the woman along with the mother and child were obviously different.

This is mainly because the painters for the said art were two different persons. The first who made the painting was not able to finish it then decided to pass on the work to Di Credi. As a result, two different styles of approach in painting are obvious through the art piece. On the other hand, the Coronation of the Virgin was mainly produced for his native town. The presentation of his art work has been based upon the artistic effects of natural pigmentation along the edges and the main presentation of the painting.

The elaborative designs of the robe of Mary an Jesus were created to be able to follow the International Gothic Style presentation. The painters spent much time in coming up with these masterpieces of their hard work. Several etch and rejected works came first before the development of a fine and meaningful finish has been completed. Certainly, having this matter in mind helps the viewers understand the importance of the artwork that they are currently viewing. The very emotions of the painters when they were finishing those masterpieces could be clearly seen on the favorable results of their patience and hard work. ConclusionThe arts, including poetry, music and painting, are in terrible shape, and the outlook for any improvement is dismal, says a famous author, Robert Graves (20).

Many ordinary people who see what passes for art in paintings, music and poetry would agree. In regard to music, Graves stated: “ It seems to be agreed among the leading musicians of my acquaintance that never in the past century has there been so poor a crop of original composers.” (87)The art world is in a dither over the surprising threat facing many paintings by contemporary artists—they are disintegrating. Paintings by such artists as David Hockney Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko are discoloring or cracking, while the artwork of others is flaking and falling off the canvas, reports The Sunday Times of London. Acrylic paint used in the 1960’s is blamed as the main culprit. Although modern chemical-based materials were hailed when they first appeared on the market in 1962, Carol Stringari associate conservator at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, said: “ The first time somebody tried to take a bit of dirt off an acrylic painting, they realized that it would not come off.

We just do not know yet how to do it.” (45)Indeed, with the presence of media and technological advancements, the art of manual painting has been considered by many as a outdated profession. This is the reason why among many museums, there are already only a few highlighting classical painting creations during the first century development of arts. TO many, painting today is simply a hobby. Using it as a career is indeed a lost hope. However, the remaining enthusiasm among people who love painting images like that of the “ Coronation of the Virgin” and the “ Madonna and Child” still lives on.

Their constant belief of the life span of art that should remain from generations to generations have convinced them to utilize their creativity and produce considerabley beautiful outcomes with regards to painting. Yes, arts and painting is a great part of the human society. Through the pages of history, painting has been the ways by which people communicate either literally or symbolically. However a person views painting, it could never be denied that many are still attracted and amazed by the art of putting colors, figures and now media effects together in creating a meaningful output. Yes, painting lives on and will continue to develop through the years of human progress.

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