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Lesson 04. 07: Summary and Assessment using the Four Steps to Gang a Great Speech, write and deliver a speech presenting your Personal Brand Statement to a City Council. 1 . Complete the Speech Planning Gulled 2. Write a two- to three-minute speech using the notes you organized In the Speech Planning Guide. 3. Submit your notes and your written speech (two to three paragraphs) to your instructor. 4. Rehearse your speech. Speech Planning Guide Your local city council wants a student to share something he or she has learned in school.

They want you to give them a two- to three minute speech about your Personal Brand Statement. Use the Brand Guide you created In Lesson 04. 04 as a reference when organizing your speech. Know your audience. To learn about your audience, you created a short questionnaire they filled out. Here are their responses: Length of speech: 2? 3 minutes Location of speech: City Council Meeting, City Hall, Room 305 Number of people in audience: 10 What topics should I address?

We are interested in what you have learned in yourleadershipclass. Please address the following topics: How have you used your Personal Brand and opencommunicationskills In your daily life? You created three targeted brand statements. Which of the three brand targets Is the most challenging for you, and why? (For example, yourfamily, teachers, or friends could be some of your targets. ) What recommendations would you give to those who want to improve their Personal

Brand? Outline Your Presentation. Outline your entire presentation, from start to finish. This means that you should be clear about what your primary message is and create a plan to present your argument, or point of view, step by step. What topics should I address? Introduction Stories or examples to support your point Evidence to support your point A call to action, or an appeal to the audience to do something new or different as a result of your presentation. Conclusion

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