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Sun bright egg salad

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Summer. The season of fresh air, scented flowers and picnic food. Forget the typical brats, corn and potato salad and bring me my mother’s egg salad. However, the smell of making it is enough to make me never smell again. When boiling eggs, the air smells like fish dying, taking their last breath.

However, the taste differs if I have it on toast because that makes it squishy, if I have it on wheat bread then the flavors blend together. I liked the taste since it’s different then having peanut butter on the toste. Right there I knew my mom is making egg salad. I overjoyed to help her make this. I ran down stairs knowing today was the day that my mom makes the egg salad.

My mom makes me peel off the shells. It’s not the easiest task because it can prick me in the finger. The shell almost always sticks to the egg and sometimes the egg can come off with it too. When mixing all the ingredients especially since the yellow stands out them most makes the egg salad more eye popping. It’s a bright yellow that is like the sun, but not as bright.

I like seeing all the ingredients in the bowl because I can pick out, expect the mustard. Making egg salad with my mom helps me bond with her in different way. It’s fantastic to hangout with her. It helps me succeed cooking later in my life. Cooking with family, a different experience.

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