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Ten reasons to try direct mail

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Imagine a well packed mini greeting card, and a brochure in your mailbox on a Thursday morning February 14th, after a long tail winter cold night from your favorite gift store saying thank you, we look forward to seeing you again. Smiles!

Direct Mail, that one effective way of getting out postcards, catalogs, brochures, fliers, or any form of marketing materials to the eyes and fingers of people. Cooperations that engage effectively on direct mails are profiting from repeated transactions and gaining new buyers.

Direct mail, ten reasons why.

  1. Highly Targeted. With other forms of advertising, a wide spectrum of people might be reached, but with direct mailing, you choose who gets your message; the right age group, gender, car owner, income level, and etcetera. You mail people who need your goods and services.
  2. Cost Effective. Direct mailing saves you some dollars as the price of bulk mailing is much less than a fixed mailing.
  3. Build Brand Awareness. Direct mail can be used to create brand consciousness, sending out letters, samples or promo offers over a period of time will make a company more familiar and might convince the prospective consumer to buy in.
  4. Track Result. As a business owner, it would be effectual to know marketing performance, to determine if the adopted strategy yields most Return On Investment ROI. Direct mainlining enables businesses to achieve this.
  5. Personalized. A customized received postcard or flyer captures a potential customers’ attention and attraction and shows appreciation for a recent purchase of an existing shopper telling them more.
  6. Trusted. Direct mailing is less flagged as junk mails compared to emails that are left unread, trashed or spammed. Statistics have shown the outcome of both.
  7. Stands out. The bright color well-designed mailbox is first to welcome many homes before the doorbell, people will always open envelopes to see what lies within, and this is advantageous over counterpart practices.
  8. Lasting Impression. Humans tend to remember more of what they see than what was read or heard, and this percentage rises when they see, read and probably hear on a call follow up.
  9. Verified. Over many decades this medium of marketing has been utilized by marketers. Google, is arguably one of the largest promoters of online advertising but allocates a huge part of its marketing budget to direct mail.
  10. People Admire Effort. Most times than often, people appreciate the input and effort put into producing the package, some get excited. An outstanding direct mail piece will make people look twice if not trice.

There you go, this can be creative, targeted and engaging; considering direct mailing today? Be innovative at it.

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