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The benefits of outsourcing relocation services

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What are the advantages of outsourced procurement programs? Companies that want to stay ahead of their competitors and attract highly qualified personnel offer a well-documented resettlement program. Employees look for resettlement programs that offer many benefits and services to ensure a seamless and smooth transition. Companies that offer an internally managed resettlement program face some challenges, as they try to meet the needs and expectations of a large-scale workforce. Outsourcing redirects offer many advantages that companies should consider when considering their offers.

There are five major complex internal resettlement programs, and five main advantages are outsourcing offers for the successful implementation of resettlement programs:

Program administered by different units or individuals

Local HR teams may have different interpretations of programs and policies, and therefore differences may affect the benefits of the respondents.

Advantages of Outsourcing: When choosing outsourcing programs, corporate recruitment programs use centralized administration of locally supported programs. In all locations, a sequential, sequential and fully compatible program is always implemented without the need to make changes in local or individual interpretations.

Human resources or local human resources policy

The company that provides the resettlement program in the field must rely on existing staff and local staff to perform additional tasks. Some current employees may not have experience in migration programs, so additional time and training may be the desired learning curve.

Advantages of outsourcing: fully trained training teams manage the design and presentation of policies and ensure that staff receive the same benefits of counseling.

“ Special offers” in the general exception

Resettlement programs within the country are subject to specific opportunity exemptions, as staff seek ways to support transportation and have unique problems for their families. Companies often do not have the resources to understand the unique problems of resettlement and how they relate to other companies, resulting in unpredictable and unpredictable commitments.

Advantages of outsourcing: experienced exchange professionals in the industry can use the information to show companies how to best manage exceptions and reduce costs and failures.

Effective costs to move

More than 70% of the companies that organize internal transfers are not familiar with the internal operating costs of the program. Without an effective resettlement plan, the actual costs are hidden and can not be effectively controlled or reduced.

Advantages of outsourcing. While the best service providers receive exceptional and exceptional family services, the costs can be fully identified, monitored and monitored for the budgets and performance of the program.

The possibility of increasing system errors

Companies that offer a resettlement program expect the owners of transportation services to move forward successfully. While agents and their families understand and solve specific problems they face when moving, it is likely that this task will fail due to the lack of experience and knowledge of the internal team.

Advantages of outsourcing. Companies can take advantage of an outsourcing solution that specializes in unique resettlement requirements, such as tax issues, visa applications and compliance reports. Working with professionals who have extensive experience in this and other areas can help the company avoid the risks associated with consulting and translation management.

6 outsourcing signs of your employee migration program

Your human resources department no longer has time to manage your movements. Does each human resources agent pull their hair with each new transmission? Human resources are busy with many other tasks that often overlook migration. As soon as your Human Resources team postpones the employee, but does not have time, you must hire a transportation management company. Therefore, you can focus your Human Resources team in the areas where you have the greatest impact and focus on the main tasks. Working with repositioning experts means that your program contains best practices and that you and your employees are eligible for the tax and other requirements to change immigration.

You spend a lot of money.

It can be difficult to support the budget resettlement program, especially if the company will grow over time to keep up with the growth. One of the most important things about hiring a transportation management company is that you can strategically establish policies and processes for your program, saving your money. Outsourcing will help you save money with additional benefits, such as:

  • Save money from network providers
  • Payment and billing console
  • Access to technologies and other tools without your investment (see the lexicon!)
  • Change in fixed costs by variable rates
  • Exemptions to avoid problems with the total balance
  • Your time was saved by a private partner
  • If your company is difficult to pay the migration budget, ask for help from abroad.

Having your employees abroad with a big headache

Know where and where each employee is involved, there may be a struggle, especially if you are sending people to more than one country. These people must ensure that their business is consistent with a set of labor and immigration regulations that vary from one country to another. Adaptation is a big part of global mobility, but it can be difficult if you do not have records of compliance with changing rules and / or full visibility on all components of international travel.

Incompatibilities can result in high fees, fines and penalties. It is possible that companies in some countries have prohibited the entry of their employees and even jail. Companies specialized in international transport and mobility can convince you that your business corresponds to each resettlement process.

The reports are complex

Providing the right people with the right reports on time can be a struggle, even for the best organized team. Most organizations do not have system functions to track and transmit information about transients. However, transportation management companies must report on the weather.

A third-party program eliminates manual reports and groups that can take hours. Every aspect of your global navigation program can be grouped in your report, since all the parts are processed. We believe that this helped to privatize the reports to meet the individual needs of each client and eliminate this burden of human resources.

Your suppliers do not offer

You may lose a lot of time with the homebuyer, or if you are tired of immigration problems or if you have many family burdens in the market. Trying to combine the many providers needed for a successful global mobility program can be enormous, especially if these providers do not work well.

By downloading the load and downloading your program from the outside, you do not need to deal with each part of the puzzle. Not only will you get confirmed and confirmed service providers, but you will also know that there are backup providers in case of problems. Suppliers must be carefully selected, measured according to quality standards and prepared according to their standards.

There is more migration with exceptions

If your transformation policies have been developed but you have not contacted them, you can contact them for external assistance. Your policies may need to be rewritten to better meet the needs of your employees, or you may need to add additional terms to different situations. The transportation management company should be up-to-date on trends in the industry, and should be able to recommend their integration into a plan that suits their needs. When was the program last evaluated?

Maybe the program is not a problem, it’s managed. Having an independent team will reduce the exceptions and generally ensure the best compromise by providing detailed policies for your employees.


The most successful companies receive resettlement programs, which give employees and their families access to leading industry resources and expert advice. The international experts of global mobility solutions repositioning (GMS) helps us understand how to create and manage the resettlement program, which gives our clients a competitive advantage and provide their employees with benefits and services at global migration levels.

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