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The kind of family a person should have

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Every person longs to have the kind offamilythat is ideal for him. When we talk of an ideal family, it means that it is the family that a person views to be perfect. Even in a person’s early years in life, admiration to different families starts and thus making one dream of having a family someday that is picture perfect for him. Although there are different forms of family that are being accepted and acknowledged, the choice still depends upon ones perspective. What kind of family then a person should have?


There are three main characteristics that I deem to be essential in having an ideal family. First, it must have a traditional structure. Second, must have only two to three children. Third, must be God centered.

A traditional family is a functional family in structure. Every member has its own appropriated function. The father is delegated to find means for the whole family’s subsistence. He works and is known to be the bread winner of the family. He will provide the physiologic needs of family and fill the house with love, happiness, security and discipline.  He is also the one who can be called the head in reference to problem solving and decision making.

On the other hand, the mother has an extraordinary task in the family and that is to take care of the entire household, this means that she will attend to the different needs of the family; she will be the one who will wake up early and sleep late at night and a role model in the house. She also has theresponsibilityof inculcating the best values in their children and giving them the best of care. The children have to take theireducationand help the mother in cleaning the house and other house tasks. Traditional type of family is considered as an ideal type of family. The children, who are the center of care, love and attention must equip with good values because they are the pillar of the family. In this type of family, each has to function well and must do their part to make it an ideal one.

The number of choice of children varies on parents, other desire to have one child only to focus their care and attention and to securely provide all that he needs. However, two or three children are perceived to be the ideal one. This is based on practical and economical reasons. Having lesser number of children would have greater opportunity for education and experience luxury in life. Giving a child an education now costs big and giving him a luxurious life costs even bigger. Having many children could deprive them on their rights on physical, emotional and mental needs due to economic crises. Lesser children in the family open opportunities.

An ideal family is a God centered family because. It is the foundation of a strong family and a wonderful home. It comprises a responsible father, a loving mother and the obedient children.  This means that having God at home is a perfect home for a family of which joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, patience and love overflows. As Rev. Sun Myung Moon would say, “ The ideal family is the place of the eternal love of parents, the eternal love of husband and wife, and the eternal love of children centering upon God. Rev. Sun Myung Moon indeed captured the essence of an ideal family which is beneficial to all because having God means good work. God preaches people to be good and not mandated by evil.

Society will greatly benefit if all people will have this kind of family. In a structured family, even if the father is working, the mother can take care of the children and has the time to guide and teach them with values. Having only two to three children would entail a great chance in having all the people in a society to have proper education and a comfortable life. Lastly, in a family that is God centered, people will surely do away from misconduct and evil deeds because the primary teaching of God is to do good to others.


Therefore, a family that a person should have is a traditional family having two to three children and making God as the center of their lives. By virtue of this kind of a family, our society will have peace and harmony.


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