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The three rs

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The Three R’s Using the three R’s- reduce, reuse and recycle help the world to cut down on the amount of waste being thrown away. They conserve natural resources, landfill space and energy. When people go outside, they see trash on the ground instead of the trashcan. This doesn’t help the economy instead it affects it. In today’s economy, the earth’s resources are suffering with major problems which lead to consequences. There are many ways to conserve the earth’s resources. However, the three most efficient ways to conserve the earth’s resources are reducing, reusing, and recycling products and materials.

Reducing is one of the most efficient ways to help conserve resources. Reducing is cutting down on materials that are unnecessary. Using reduction conserves natural resources and uses less than usual in order to avoid waste. Energy is one of the resources that are limited. Reducing energy can help consume fossil fuels that are becoming increasingly limited on supply. For example, instead of leaving the lights on when someone exits the house or room, he or she could turn off the lights. Also, people can unplug their appliances that are not in use to help reduce the use of energy within their household.

Gas is another problem the earth is restricted on. Reducing the use of gas helps reduce theclimate changein the world. For instance, people can reduce gas by carpooling with a neighbor or a friend. He or she could also ride their bikes to work, to school, or even to the park. This helps reduce the use of energy and gas. Although reducing helps the earth use less, reusing materials helps reduce waste. Reusing materials or products is the second most efficient way to conserve resources.

Reusing materials helps avoid and slow down the process of products being turned into waste and reduces the number of products being brought. Clothes are essential items to be reused and can always be changed into something new. Clothes productions are a major drain on natural resources and can involve unethical social practices. For example, people can donate their old clothing instead of throwing it into the trash. Also, people can restyle their old clothing, turning a pair of old jeans into a headband or even cut out designs and put them onto a shirt.

This helps people who do not have clothing, give people ideas of new styling, and avoids waste. Plastic bags are another thing we should reuse. Plastic bags are necessary products that should be reused but aren’t. Plastic bags production consumes millions of gallons of oil that could be used for fuel and heating. For instance, when someone goes into the supermarket, he or she should purchase reusable bags instead of the plastic bags. He or she could even purchase fiber bags or cloth bags that can be reused multiple of times as he or she goes into different stores.

Reusing these items helps reduce waste that’s being put into the air and water. Although reusing products and materials may help reduce waste, recycling helps reducepollution. Recycling is the third most efficient way to conserve resources. It is something that is very common in most countries. When raw materials are used in the manufacture of new goods derived from the core elements of old products, there is an enormous saving of limited and finite natural resources. Recycling is reusing materials or products in original or changed forms rather than discarding them as wastes.

Aluminum is the most common material that is recycled in this economy. Recycling aluminum creates more jobs, helps theenvironment, and saves natural resources. For example, aluminum cans get recycled the most. Mostly for themoneypeople could receive back. Also, beer bottle caps can be recycled and could be made into something different, such as it being turned into a decoration or even used for a project. Paper is the second most common material that is recycled. Making paper from recycled paper uses less energy than making paper from trees. For example, everyone receives newspapers in the morning.

Instead of throwing it into the trashcan, he or she could recycle it. Books are another example of paper that can be recycled. Used books that can no longer be used could be shredded and recycled. Recycling is the most important out of the three R’s. Although reducing, reusing, and recycling are important, many people do not believe that they help save the earth’s resources. They are sadly mistaken because they help use less, reduce waste, and reduce pollution into the air. This helps preventglobal warming. The three r’s all help conserve energy within the world.

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