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Three top leaders of 2011 by washington post essay examples

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Part 1: Three Top Leaders of 2011 (Washington Post)

Timothy Richard “ Tim” Tebow
Tim Tebow is listed in Washington Post’s best leaders of 2011. He was born in the Philippines to American Christian Baptist missionary parents in August 14, 1987. He is the youngest among five siblings all of whom are homeschooled by their mother. He started playing football for Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida in 1996. Although, his preffered position was quarterback, the school let him played linebacker and tight end. He started to looked for other high school where he landed in Nease High School where he managed to keep his stay competitive against other powerhouse teams and later on led the Panthers to a state title. He has been named as Florida’s Player of the Year twice durng his stay at Nease. He played for University of Florida Gators’ football as an athletic scholarship in the 2006 – 2009 seasons where he left a marked in the Gator’s history. He won the coveted Heisman Trophy, as the only sophomore who had received such award, and was chosen as MVP in 2007, 2008 and 2009. In 2010, Tebow was a first round draft pick drafted for the Denver Broncos, and has played for the team as a quarterback since then.

He is well known not only for the physical game he played on the field but more so on the leadership and character he shows while playing. As a Christian, where he helps his father with missionary work during spare time, he is well known to provide encouragement to his teammates and rallying them to go for the win. He is often caught saying in interviews that his Christian Faith has been his strength whom he openly displays.
In Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, he posses the qualities of imitativeness, as he took upon himself to inspire and energize his teammates and fans and providing an example of positive attitude even in times of failures. He also posses intentness, as he overcomes all criticisms set on him, he doesn’t let these affect him. He stayed on track, and determined to do the goals he has set for.

Christine Lagarde

Another top leader voted in Washington Post’s 2011 Best Leaders in Christine Lagarde, the first woman who has ever headed the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Christine Madeleine Odette Lagarde, is a French lawyer, who is born into a family of academics.
Before replacing Dominique Strauss-Kahn on July 5, 2011 to start her five –year term as IMF’s managing director, she has held various ministerial positions in France among them are Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Minister of Trade in Industry and the first ever woman minister of the Economic Affairs, Finances and Industry. She was also the first female who has ever chaired the international law firm Baker & McKenzie.
Lagarde has been listed in the Financial Times as best Economic Minister in 2009 and was ranked 9th in the Forbes 2011 most powerful woman. She defines power as the ability to set the agenda. Indeed, in her short stint as the Managing Director of the IMF, after the controversial period in office of her predecessor, she has made the office back to order. She has set clear goals as to what she wants to achieve and didn’t falter amidst the international crisis the world was experiencing. When asked if she ever gets intimidated facing all the challenges since she is a woman, she says that it’s high time that women shine in the land of the giants. In an interview by the Forbes Magazine she was caught saying that she is for the “ consensus form of leadership, coaxing colleagues to accept change gradually by listening to and accommodating their dissent”.
Legarde is an enthusiastic person and wants to help people draw the best that they can give. Encouragement is a key factor in her leadership. When asked about the effects of her new policies and how ordinary people can cope with her stand on the economic crisis which requires cuts, she says courage will help them cope.

Timothy D. ” Tim” Cook

Tim Cook is the successor of Steve Jobs after his resignation in August 2011 as the Chief Executive Officer of the technology giant Apple, Inc. Before joining Apple, Inc in March 2008, he worked with IBM as a director of the North American Fulfillment, was Chief Operating Officer of the computer reseller division of Intelligent Electronics and VP for Corporate Materials for Compaq.
Cook has served Apple as CEO before when Jobs was recovering from several illnesses and was credited for streamlining Apple’s supply chain and reducing company’s supply chain and increasing the company’s profit margins.
Upon assuming the CEO post of the company, Cook was faced several criticisms, mostly on his ability to lead the company since he his experience was mostly as an operational manager. But he was undeterred. He was able to reassure Wall Street of the financial ability of Apple. He has proved himself as financial mastermind. As a financial analyst says, he is Apple’s money mind while Job’s is the innovative mind.
Cook, facing all the challenges he has to, was never deterred. Although, he admits of never aver be able to replace Steve Jobs, he can make Apple a stronger company. He has self-confidence that he’ll be able to overpass what Jobs has done for the company and competitive greatness. He regards everyday as the best chance you have, make your best efforts every day.

Part 2: “ The Comparison of Demosthenes and Cicero”

Lower Order Thinking Skills
1. What characteristics do you posses that make you a Cicero or a Demosthenes?
2. Compare the temper of speech of Cicero and Demosthenes?
Demosthenes is a serious, straight to the point, careful speaker, while Cicero is likes to use flowery words and humor in his speeches.
3. What did Plutarch implied when he described the kind of education and knowledge Cicero and Demosthenes have?
Plutarch implied in the paper that, Cicero, although, a powerful orator had an acquired knowledge, from being highly educated and diligent in his studies, and acquired more knowledge through readings while Demosthenes, has a natural talent, having used in the context of his works both natural and acquired knowledge that he has.
4. Both Cicero and Demosthenes possess the power of persuading and governing the people. Describe how they were able to do this?
Cicero speak to the people and tried to persuade them by using evidences of what he has done before and discovering every frailty or the subject he speaks of while Demosthenes never showed evidences, but relied only in his great mind and eloquence.
5. What does Demosthenes say about his eloquence with speech?
Demosthenes never treated his eloquence of speech as special but “ nothing more than a mere accomplishment and matter of practice, the success of which must depend greatly on the good-will and candour of his hearers, and regarding those who pride themselves on such accounts to be men of a low and petty disposition“ (Plutarch, “ The Comparison of Demosthenes and Cicero”).
6. What was the effect of the exile of Demosthenes?
Demosthenes exile gave him more opportunity to serve his country by going from city to city and make public speeches that promotes his country. In a way, his exile made him more patriotic.
7. What are common characteristics common to both public speakers?
Aside from being both persuasive, having the power to govern people and eloquent, they are both ordinary people that can be tempted by the presents offered to them thus both are prone to bribery.

Higher Order Thinking Skills

1. Do you agree that nature of death of Cicero is pitiful while that of Demosthenes is deserves admiration? Why or why not?
2. Explain “ more than ordinary gravity and magnificence of mind”.
3.  Is there anything wrong with the way Demosthenes handles himself and how does this affected his influence to others?
4. Explain the phrase ” Soldier full-armed, terrific to the foe.”

Part 3: Reflection of Cornwell West on American Hip Hop

Cornwell West views on American Hip Hop music are true. The contents of American Hip Hop music are really a way of activism. As Cornwell says, activism has many forms either with regards to electoral or social protests. It takes a lot of courage to be able to express yourself, but sometimes, this courage can bring you to the dark cells. By expressing yourself, you can be put to prison, because, most of the time, as Cornwell says, the government does not know their priorities.
The government is torn between protecting the image they want to protect and protecting their people. The American mainstream as Cornwell puts it is a fan of Hip Hop music where most of the contents of their songs are focused on the poverty and lack of attention they get from the government where they belong. Not only black Hip Hop artist used this as a context but also white ones like Eminen. However, the contents of these songs are not fully what they want to relate to the public, since they still have the public to cater to. Meaning, they have to take into consideration what the masses wants in their music to be able to get support from their fans, to be able to sell their music.
A few people fully express what their thoughts are because of lack of courage to face the consequences of their actions. Someone seems to be always waiting to be pleased. Sometimes, even if you have the skill to do things, your background always becomes a hindrance to your success. Seldom do you see people to take you for what you are now, without looking at what you have been 30 seconds before of 30 years ago. Sometimes, earning respect, come with a price tag.
It is a fact that the Black Americans are truly talented in almost any aspect, sports, theater, music, dancing etc as evidence but the many black Americans who have been recognized in their field. There are many more like them who are also talented, only, they do not know where to showcase their talents. If only they are given a chance and an opportunity by the government by providing programs that satisfies their needs, I know they will make a great contribution in making the country more successful.

On the onset, I didn’t understood or appreciated the need to the subject, but as it turned out, the subject is indeed interesting. The topics given were challenging but I feel that I had given justice to the assignments and activities given to us. Although, I could have done better had I been more intellectual and participative in class. Since our teacher, had made the classroom atmosphere open, classroom discussions became more interesting and the approach to the topics, especially the hard ones were made simpler. Students were open with their ideas during the discussion time brought out their critical thinking skills. It was an interactive class and a lively one that is why I was able to share what’s on my mind without any inhibitions.
Although, the leadership topic especially the analysis of the leadership skills displayed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in his Infamy speech was very interesting, I find it more significant to know the views of Dr. Cornwell West on the stand of black artists (especially Hip-Hop musicians) in the country. I agreed that sometimes, our leaders are little insensitive to the needs of some of the important people around us. That sometimes, we don’t set our goals and our priorities, and when we set them, we don’t consider what needs to be done but rather what has to be done. I learn that to be able to make a mark in this world, and serve those who truly need help, you need courage and be ready to face whatever the consequences of your actions.
After graduating in U. C. E, I plan to attend college and someday, be known for having made a difference especially in the social reform. With this, I know that, I would keep in mind what Dr. Cornwell West said that there are a variety of ways for social movement. It is up to me to take the courage to do what has to be done, especially when you are against the wall we must find any weapon to fight back.

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