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To business excellence

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Summary Delegates reviewed business excellent models at the Dubai Global Convention on Business Excellence to determine their viability in the contemporary business climate. Business models are inherently neutral; they befit certain contexts and purposes and prove disastrous in others. Top management should look for more efficient, cost-effective, and less disruptive ways of performance transformation rather than the complicated and expensive initiatives traditionally found in organizations. Business models need to embrace factors relating to management of all business aspects rather than just human resource management. Two approaches that could prove complementary include use of business excellence models to highlight key jobs and use performance management to facilitate people in exceling.
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This is a very informative article that discusses a topic that is very relevant to the extremely dynamic contemporary global business environment. It is impracticable for top management to decide everything on its own. Employees working at the grass-root level have to be trusted with day-to-day decisions they take. Top management assumes the responsibility of keeping all organizational personnel aware of the mission and vision of the organization so that all decisions taken by workers at all levels are aligned with the organization’s goals. Rather than taking too many initiatives, top management should come up with a flexible plan containing milestones, and the whole organization’s efforts should be directed at achieving those milestones, one after another. In business, there is no one-size-fit-all approach; it takes intelligence combined with experience to determine the right strategy. The Dubai Global Convention was a great opportunity to refresh and re-energize business excellence models.

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