Essay & Speech Topic Generator

Wondering what you can write or speak about?
This tool will brainstorm unique ideas for you in a couple of seconds.

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To generate topics for your assignment, follow these steps: 

  1. Enter a keyword that refers to your discipline. For example, if you need a topic about the American Presidents, you can try such words as “Obama,” “presidency,” “government,” and “US President”. 
  1. Press the “Generate” button. If the results are too generic, try another keyword.  
  1. Note that if you press the button again with the same keyword, the system will refresh the list. 

It is fairly simple, as you can see. And, by all means, it is simpler than brainstorming the topic by yourself. The tool will help you write an essay or a research paper without a specified title in the assignment.  

You can try browsing through the lists of topics, but it will take a while until you find something worthy. Our tool provides you with perfect variants in just seconds. 

Why Using an Essay & Speech Topic Generator?  

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A title is an essential and inseparable part of any writing. It gives the readers the idea of what it is all about in just one sentence (or even a sentence fragment). A good one grabs the reader’s attention and creates intrigue.  

On the other hand, a topic is the smallest part of your assignment. Once you are done with it, you still have to write the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Thus, if you waste an hour finding the right topic for the essay, you will have one hour less for its writing. We offer a better option. 

Our Topic Generator will come in handy for a number of academic and non-academic writing purposes. If you prepare a speech or presentation, you can also use it to find an engaging title. Here is a non-exhaustive list of helpful applications of the Topic Generator. 

  1. Research paper. In the academic world, a good topic defines the success of your writing. You will have to approve your choice with your research supervisor. That’s why you should come up with several options.  
  1. Essay. If we count how much time it takes to generate one topic and multiply it by the number of essays a student writes in the course of their studentship, the result will be astonishing. This tool will save days of your lifetime. 
  1. Creative writing. Some assignments do not fall under the “essay” category. They are too non-standard to fit a standard five-paragraph composition. The tool can generate topics for such assignments as well. 
  1. Presentation or speech. It is the most time-consuming and stressful task. Save half an hour for more critical stuff with the Topic Generator.  
  1. Blog. Bloggers know what a writing block is better than anyone else. You are stuck and feel like you will never brainstorm anything worthy ever again. The tool can breathe fresh air into your creativity. 

How to Choose a Research Topic?  

If you think it is easy to choose a research topic, you’ve probably never tried to. By the way, writing a paper on a subject that does not excite you is a daunting task. To avoid these and some other problems, following the following advice. 

  1. Brainstorming the ideas. 
  • Does the assignment contain any specific focus? In most cases, you will be requested to write a paper on the given text or problem. To determine the scope of the possible topics, look for the central themes in the book or break down the given problem into categories. 
  • If you gave a negative answer to the question above, consult the syllabus. It will give you an idea of which problems are the most relevant to the course. Think of the topics that interested you more than the others.  
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes and write as many topics as you can think of. Do not think about grammar or style now. Your purpose is quantity, not quality now. 
  • Mark the related ideas. Find patterns or common areas in your brainstormed ideas. 
  • Based on the result of the previous point, narrow the list down to three options. 
  1. Selecting a broad topic. 
  • Dig into those three topics. An encyclopedia is the best place to do that. Write down the key terms and notions. 
  • Look through the current newspaper columns about the issue. Since you have developed an academic vision of the broad topic, explore what contemporary journalists and researchers think about it. Save URLs of the most interesting articles to use in the bibliography. 
  • Ask a librarian to help you. This cooperation will give you the majority of items in your future list of references. 
  • Choose one option out of the three broad topics. You know already how much information is available on each. Moreover, by this time, you should understand which of them is the most exciting. 
  1. Narrowing the topic to its final form. 
  • Formulate the research question. What is the intended result of your paper? It will be easy after all your preliminary research.  
  • Add details to the question. The most common way is to make limitations by time frame, location, or population groups. 
  • Write your thesis statement. It will be the idea around which all your research will be built. In simple words, it is an answer to your research question. 
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Any subject field has something exciting to research. If you need advice, try digging into the following issues:

  • Possibility of life on the other planets
  • The concept of lost generations in human history
  • Taxes as the means of business incentive
  • The decay of family ties in modern society

The best research topics usually refer to the hot-button issues of the modern world or explore a narrow field of any discipline. For example, the psychological consequences of gender-neutral education is an insufficiently researched sphere because of its recent discovery. On the contrary, a lot of discoveries have been made in child psychology. But if you decide to explore the causes of childhood obesity, it will be a unique and important research topic.

If you know that you will have to write a research paper at the end of the term, the best way is to generate it while studying the theory. But if you are close to the deadline, use a topic generator, entering your keywords. Alternatively, you can look through the literature on the topics that interest you.

  1. Do some preliminary research on your topic.
  2. Find out what interests you and what has not been explored enough yet.
  3. Think about what will be most exciting for your audience.
  4. Make up several variants of the research question.
  5. Test these variants with the “so what?” question.