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Tourism in malaysia essay

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Malaysia’s strategic location in Central Asia has put it at the crossroads of many cultures. Over 2000 years ago, the Chinese and Indian merchants have made trades with the locals. Dutch, Portuguese and British colonials added their influence from the 17th to the early 20th centuries. Finally, travelers from Europe, Asia and the Americas bring their cash and curiosity to sample the native sites. Today, tourism is an effort to diversify and help boost the economy.

So promoting tourism in Malaysia is really important! As I’ve mentioned before, the Malaysian government is definitely putting in effort to diversify the economy with hopes that Malaysia’s economy will be less dependent on exports. As a result, tourism has become a source of income from foreign exchange which helps boost the country’s economy. Hence, it is absolutely important to promote tourism in Malaysia. Promoting Malaysia to foreign tourists is not that difficult. In fact, with the aid of various campaigns and promotional advertisements via websites and blogs, posters, TV commercials, radio, and promotional music videos, it is easier for tourists to find out more about Malaysia.

For a start, Malaysia already has a wide range of tourism destinations for tourists to choose from. With its blessings of diverse cultures, traditions, historical facts, scenic landscapes and natural resources abundance, it is to no surprise that our country indeed has a strong appeal for both domestic and international tourists. The mix of cultural influences in Malaysia is the result of centuries of immigrants and trade with the outside world. Even so, each culture remained largely intact. No specific race has so far been homogenized.

Malaysia is a multi-racial country with its three main races, Malay, Chinese and Indian. All three different races are of different religions, skin colour, traditions and cultures, yet all have been able to live together harmoniously for many years! This is what makes Malaysia so unique. Its racial unity. Besides that, there are more than 1000 different species of floras and faunas in Malaysia. This factor can develop into an interesting tourism product.

The government can promote Malaysia to foreigners as an ecological tourism destination. Malaysian wildlife can help attract tourists’ attention, be it domestically, or internationally. Projects like Project Tiger, a conservation project that helps preserve and protect Malaysian Tigers, has been a huge success, which attracted lots of tourists to Malaysia! Many foreigners are interested with Malaysian wildlife and want to help out with the conservation projects available to not only preserve and conserve the wildlife but also create awareness. This actually encourages ecological tourism.

Of course, Malaysia is also well-known for its amazing cuisine. Malaysian is most definitely a fabulous place to enjoy food. Did you know that Malaysian food is a multicultural fusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian and a bit of Peranakan? This creates a unique food that is not only colourful, spicy and eclectic but downright tasty. Publicising Malaysian food no doubt will encourage more tourists to visit Malaysia. So I have concluded that promoting and encouraging tourism in Malaysia is really important to help boost our country’s economy.

Everyone should play a part to help promote Malaysian tourism more to foreigners.

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