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Toyota's growth: slow and steady

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First and foremost, organizational structure is crucial in internal communication since the type of structure an organization has an impact in promoting healthy and open communication lines. In the case of Toyota, they do not observe a strict chain of command, rather, they are more of a flat organizational structure wherein free flow of ideas is very much welcome. This is clearly manifested in the behavior of top executives who visit the plant themselves and allow open communication with the employees. Toyota perceives that type of open communication as their business which can only be brought about by the flat organizational structure that they have.
Toyota’s organizational culture is mainly dictated by excellence as their website states that “ it holds a reputation of excellence” in all its levels of operations. This excellence is driven by their Jiwa Jiwa or slow and steady growth. It is not rushing to grow big and become productive but taking prudent steps that will ensure its stability. Toyota strengthens its culture of excellence by trying to meet the needs of its customers which the real lifeblood of their business. Indeed, Toyota is excellent since it has a right perspective in the conduct of its business.
Quality teams in an organization are important such as in the case of Toyota. This Quality Circle is a small group of employees in a team who meet regularly so that problems in a workplace can be given solutions. A good example of this is Toyota’s Quality Teams in its manufacturing plant in Kentucky which is annually evaluated and given awards. By doing so, Toyota recognizes the best in its people and motivates its employees to participate in problem-solving. This practice enhances the leadership skills of its people as well as contribute to the culture of excellence by continually improving the system within through its quality teams.

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