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Uglies book report essay

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Within the riveting science-fiction book “ Uglies”, Scott Westerfeld not only keeps the reader entertained, but also reveals the negative aspects of conformity. He relays this information while using events and actions throughout the storyline. Tally, the protagonist, rebels against the submissive tradition’s of her customs. Although many other themes are also conveyed in this book, the main message is clear: Fear of alienation in society causes one to suppress to conformity.

Being just like everybody else isn’t a good thing, and this book reveals just that. In the book, society is perfect and everybody is peaceful. However, they are also the same and without emotions. At the age of sixteen, everyone receives a required surgery to become a “ Pretty” and moves to a secluded city to live the rest of their lives. Because everybody is universally afraid to be alienated, it has become a custom. As one delves more into the book, it is found that this surgery not only makes people beautiful, but also causes them to obey everything and to think and act like everyone else.

I see this as a mirrored example of our own mainstream society. People’s moral values are so dwindled, they would rather give in to the social norms than to express their own individuality in fear of becoming estranged. The extremities described in this book don’t seem all that different from us after all. It is certain “ Uglies” is more than a mere story; it is also a reflection of the world today.

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