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University land deal

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Land Deal Due Father Farrell is interested in this conversation because he feels the longs has an idea about the buildings they want to buy off and they have an interest in expanding their areas of the resident. He interested because he is fully aware that the longs were negotiating on buildings that were of lower advantage as compared to his which had better advantages. The above reasons could help them have come to an agreement. His primary interest is to come to an agreement about the amount of cash in order to sell off the three dorms so that he helps save the financial situation in the school before it gets out of hand.
His sources of power are the fact that he is aware of $16 million dorm that the extended university had earlier negotiated, and it was not better than what they wanted to sell off. He was also aware that there were few local properties that could serve as a comparison. Father Farrell also knew that the long university was in need of expansion of residential areas and their place was a convenient one.
Father Farrell’s BATNA was the $18. 3million which he had negotiated earlier with a commercial developer. Father’s RP is $17. 8 million since it was the last price he had on his alternatives as more beginning on discussed with the board members.
I would hold the highest amount of my target, that is to say, $ 19. 7million which was the amount needed to rebuild with the same features, in the same location for the three dorms.
Her interest was to get the three dorms since her university needed expansion area for residential. Her source of power was the fact that St. James School was providing the best place for residential, and she was sure about it. Her BATNA would be $16 million she had experience with another seller.
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