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Verizon communications research paper examples

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Version communications is the company that leads in the world for the provision of the innovative communications, entertainment, information and mobility. The company offers grander broadband among other wire-line and wireless services to the businesses, consumers, wholesale and government consumers globally. The company operates in the greatest 4G wireless network in United States and offers Wireless services in the advanced fiber optic network in America. The Verizon value is based on the vital role they play in the global telecommunication industry by enhancing the lives of their customers. The company undertakes creative technologies by opening and widening markets and expands the technology aspects. This technology advancement promotes innovation that keeps the brand image of the company at the front line.

The Desired outcomes of the company

The company is accountable for transforming message communications and delivery, with the aim of driving the external digital communications in around the globe. Therefore, the digital manager of the company is proactively and aggressively committed to execute a strategy that results to engagement and exposure with the clients (Kapferer 2012). These clients include blogger, media, and influencers among other external clients around the globe. This manager is entitled to evangelize the Verizon entity, its executives, solutions, products and other required resources to uplift the company’s generally communications efforts.
One of the greatest desirable outcomes of the Verizon Company is the Viewdini’s spontaneous portal that includes a searchable gateway for numerous titles. This portal is expected to drive the consumption even deeper and uplift the adoption of the Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE product. With their strong believe in the power of technology, the company is aiming to solve any challenge encountered in communication industry. With this technological advancement, the company is expecting to capture more consumers in the communication and wireless market.

The Verizon’s desired outcomes of their marketing communications program

The company has maintained its leadership in the IT solutions, communications, and entertainment and Information services through development of a strong brand image. The company has been able to develop wireless data with downloadable features like apps ringtones, games and photos that can renovate the mobile phone into a modified data center. The company has the technological know-how to make these data driven capabilities more realistic and applicable in the modern world (Mohsin 2009). However, in order to overcome all the challenges in the communication world, the company has formulated a strategy to enhance their brand.
The Verizon striking service brand “ get It Now” has been able to capture the satisfaction of the consumers due to its numerous enhanced handsets application and brand architecture system that includes impressive descriptors such as Get e-mail, Get Tones and Get Games. The name indicates the instant satisfaction implicit in the download-to-handset subscription. Moreover, in order to make the add-ons successive, the Verizon pay bill is easy to interpret with the data and voice charges integrated in a more spontaneous manner.
The company has also developed a 4G LTE Wireless that provides innovative, competitively priced data and voice products that are committed to satisfy the need of the consumers. Through, the company’s technological advancement the brand image has been recently beautified by the innovative and reliable 4G network in America allowing the users to access the internets and make downloads in a faster and secure manner.
The Verizon Company has also strengthened its brand equity through the development of the cutting-edging broadband network in the United States. This network offers fiber technology that is capable to provide 300 megabit capacity directly for small businesses and residential homes. The all fiber connections provides reliable and fast broadband networks, high quality High Definition video and communicating internet services that enhances internet to the TV screen. In other words, it is through this brand image and brand equity that the Verizon Company has able to achieve and maintain strong brand in the telecommunication industry. This is however achieved by the company’s vigorous efforts in acquiring innovative technology that copes with the modern world (Kapferer 2012).

The role brand image plays in the advertising of a particular company’s product or service

The role of the Verizon brand image in the advertisement has significantly noticed as the source of the information that can convince the consumer about the quality of the company’s product. The brand image has provided information that is important for a consumer when making a purchasing decision (Mohsin 2009). It is possible to note that the Verizon brand has shifted into “ robotic space feature” technologies on their ads. The company has managed to presents “ Star Wars and Terminator- like music on the iPhone 4.
Branding is considered as what the picture consumers perceive when they think about the company’s brand. In this case the Verizon brand image has sufficiently captured the motives of the consumers in the sense that when a person’s hears about Verizon, they picture the stars in the sky, robots, red eye and lightning rods among other amazing features. The company has maintained the quality network services that have shaped the better channel for the company’s product advertisement. The brand image of the company has been able to maintain the robotic perception to the consumers which is the aspect that has significantly boosted the Verizon brand.

How this image compares to a competitor’s image in the same industry

The Verizon image has been dominating the telecommunication marketing ahead of its main competitor, AT & T. The company has the strongest and reliable 4G network in the United States that provides customers with the ability to experience faster internet access and application download. It has been noted that, the Verizon image has been able to outweigh the four wireless providers in the country (Mohsin 2009). The 4G network provided by Verizon is the only network that is able to attain 100% 4G LTE, offering the golden experience of the wireless technology. The image is well represented by the power and the speed of the Verizon that experienced by the numerous consumers.
The Verizon brand excelled over that of its competitors in the end of 2009 when the Verizon Wireless was introduced to the TV screens with commercials that portrayed what was believed to be AT & T wireless network weaknesses. This seen the company acquiring 2. 2 million subscribers being more than what was expected by the stiff competitor, Thomas Weisel Partners. This has enabled the company being boosted Motorola’s Droid Phone to be the service provider of its Android software. In 2009, the AT & T Company filed a lawsuit concerning the marketing campaign. However this was seen as AT&T was trying to vague the simple truth about its inadequate 3G network.


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