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Walmart suppliers case study

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The list of WalMart suppliers is large. WalMart has suppliers from different industries. Some of major suppliers in the food and beverages industry include Pepsi and Coca-Cola Companies that supply drinks to the company. Some of the food suppliers include Boulder brands and Cal-Mine Foods. Personal care and cleaning products suppliers include the Church & Dwight Co., Inc. and The Clorox Company. Helen of Troy Ltd supplies household appliances. One of the suppliers of sleepwear and footwear includes the Hanesbrands Inc.

Criteria WalMart uses for its suppliers

WalMart has set standards that suppliers must meet if they are to supply anything for WalMart to sell. The suppliers have to have voluntary labor. The suppliers have to be free of any involvement in forced labor. Further, the suppliers manufacturing facilities need to be compliant with the relevant environment laws such as waste disposal, toxic emissions and hazardous waste disposal. WalMart also uses suppliers that utilize authorized subcontractors. The supplier’s practices must be sustainable (Roberts and Berg, 2012).
Factories where the supplies are obtained must adhere to all building and fire safety regulations. This means also that the work environment for the supplier’s works must be safe and have necessary measure to prevent in any work accidents. The supplier should not offer or provide any form of gifts or entertainment to the associates of WalMart. Such incidence leads to automatic disqualifications.
WalMart does not use suppliers that have been involved in unethical practices such as corruption and bribery of public officials. Further, the compensation to the workforce employed by the suppliers must meet the local industry standards. In addition, the income the workers receive should be adequate to cater for their basic needs. Employee records must be accurate and provide true information regarding the identity of the workers.


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