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Week 7 myreligionlab assignment 5

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The Religion Identify a religion that you believe has the most in common with the teachings of Christianity. Catholic religion has most in common with the teachings of Christianity.
How Roman Catholic religion compares with Pentecostalism religion.
1. They both believe in a supernatural being who came initially emerged with the existence of both heaven and earth besides other aspects comprising them.
2. Catholics use Bible as their main reference for all their teachings whereby they instruct followers to do the same. This fashioning their faith into believing in the same God despite having varying doctrines.
3. Sunday remains the day of adoration, which is holy based on their teachings (Vondey, 2013).
The Roman Catholic religion has a centralized form of leadership in which the Pope is at the highest rank while the Pentecostalism church leadership is led by a Reverend.
The both churches have a great difference in their doctrines. This brings about their varied worshipping styles whereby Catholics deem there is a purgatory that the Pentecostalism does not believe in (Vondey, 2013).
The Catholics Bible contains or has seventy-three Books besides which they use in their readings while the Pentecostalism Bible has sixty-six Books.
This refers to the worshipping and having faith in a supernatural human with controlling power commonly referred to as the God or god.
Analyze the similarities and differences in the primary beliefs held by major religious traditions and the cultures in which these religions evolved.
They both believed in a supernatural being that created the heaven and earth besides who judges the wrongdoings in the society. In all the cultures, they both believed in life after death besides continuing from one generation to another. They both teach the believers to develop strong faith in believing on life after death.
The Roman Catholics believe that baptism is an important part of religion while to the Pentecostalism and Holiness Churches it remained to be a minor.
The Roman Catholic followers receive sacraments during Sunday Services while the Pentecostalism and Holiness do not.
In Roman Catholic the Sunday Masses and giving of sacraments is presided over by the male priests while in the Pentecostalism a church leader of any gender can preside.
Despite that, both religions worship the same God besides other similarities they also have such major variations noted by people or believers attending the services.
Describe the varieties of religious experience and practice in a wide range of cultures.
Different religious believers celebrate diverse events throughout the year that mark an important occasions in their faiths. For instance, to celebrate some days such as the Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas besides other days those mark an important event to the Christianity remains to be a culture despite their religion (Vondey, 2013).
Recognize how daily life within various religions and current affairs are influenced by religion.
The daily life of an individual person is much subjective to his or her religion in terms. Religions affect the behavior of its ardent believers in which they base their lives on the teachings or doctrines of their churches.
Vondey, W. (2013). Pentecostalism and Christian unity: Volume 2. Eugene, Or: Pickwick Publications.

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