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Why dog is mans best friend

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Why Dog is Man’s Best Friend (Bark Bark) “ What’s that Lassie? ” (Bark Bark) “ Timmy’s in trouble? ” (Bark Bark). This is the famous cry for help from the television show Lassie. The star of this show is a dog named Lassie, hence the title of the show. In this show Lassie saves many lives and shows why she is a great companion. Lassie is a symbol and icon for how amazing the dog can be. Dogs have been personified as mans’ best friend throughout many television shows over the course of the years.

These shows obviously got something right because I am going to tell you why dog is mans’ best friend. Dogs are very intelligent creatures, as personified in Brian Griffin from the television showFamilyGuy. In this show Brian can talk, write books, and even drives a Toyota Prius. Even though this is a major exaggeration studies on dogs have shown that they are actually really smart animals. According to “ LiveScience” the average dog has been found to have the IQ of a 2 year old child.

What this means is that dogs can learn on average about 165 words and gestures in their lifetime. With these capabilities dogs have taken their place in the workforce alongside of humans. A few of the smartest breeds of dogs to help in the workforce include the Border collie, Poodle, and Labrador retriever. These dogs can help the blind and deaf community walk safely from place to place, help aid in rescues on land and in water, and last but not least dogs can even perform some jobs that are beyond what the normalhuman beingis capable of completing.

One of these jobs is located within the police department. As stated on “ Yahoo Voice” a dog’s sense of smell is up to one-hundred million times stronger than that of a person. With this keen sense of smell dogs are used in cracking down on drug trafficking and even hunting down wanted criminals. Many of todays’ criminals would still be out and on the run if it weren’t for our 4-legged friends. Secondly, dog is mans’ best friend because of their extremeloyaltytowards their owner.

As seen in another famous television show Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and Scooby never leave each other’s side no matter what scary ghosts try to come between them. This is due to the fact found in “ Yahoo Voice” stating that dogs are “ pack” animals and want to stay with their leader and owner. Dogs originally got this “ pack” instinct because they were domesticated from wolves which are famous for traveling in large packs. Dogs were first domesticated several thousands of years ago from the Canis Lupis, or better known as the grey wolf.

A real life example of this instinct occurred in Japan with a dog named Hachiko. According to The Japan Times Hachiko would meet his owner at the train station the same time every day. When Hachiko’s owner died, he still returned to that same exact train station every single day for the next 9 years of his life. Human beings have the capability of being loyal but if I had to count on either a dog or a person being there for me, I would choose the dog every single time. Lastly, dogs are full of excitement and energy.

Probably the most famous of relationships with dog owners and dogs would be Mickey Mouse and Pluto. Pluto is adventurous and energetic and always looking to play games and go for walks. With all of this energy it only makes logical sense to make your best friend your new workout buddy also. According to SparkPeople. com it is proven that working out with your 4-legged friend helps you stay more committed to your workout routine. Staying consistent with your workout helps you keep yourstresslevels down and live a healthier, longer life.

These effects also apply towards your dog as they will be happier and glad to spend as much time with their owner as possible. If working out is not your thing, there is nothing wrong with a classic game of fetch. It is amazing how simple of a game fetch is, all you have to do is throw a ball and a dog is more than content to retrieve it for hours on end. This bonding time between man and dog is very hard to compete with. Even though these television shows depict unrealistic ideas of what dogs can do, you can see the relationship between a dog and its owner and how it is influenced through the media.

Dogs may not be able to drive around in a fuel efficient Prius or ride around in the Mystery Machine looking for clues, but as you can see a dog is much more than just an everyday household pet. He is your eyes when you’re not around, your personal trainer, but most importantly the best friend you will ever have. References Brown, Jamie. December 29, 2008. “ All About Dogs”. Retrieved from http://voices. yahoo. com/all-dogs-interesting-facts-trivia-about-2353687. html? cat= 53 Bryner, Jeanna. August 8, 2009. “ Dogs as Smart as 2 year old Kids”. Retrieved from http://www. livescience. com/5613-dogs-smart-2-year-kids. html

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