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Why kellogg

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Why have you elected to apply to the Kellogg School Executive MBA Program My ambition is to enhance my knowledge in global strategy, eEntrepreneurship, and marketing, and buildwhile building strong relationships with successful leaders and innovative thinkers worldwide. and I want truly wish to learn from the school that has been consistently ranked No. 1#1 in for Executive MBA programs due to for the quality of its faculty members, students and teaching methods.

Kellogg is my first choice because it uncompromisingly addresses real life aspects of business. The way the learning model is organized through (interactive means as study groups, analysis of actual real- life business cases, classes and workshops) provides the ideal learningenvironmentfor people those who may havewith an experience to share. At Kellogg, the emphasis is put on the team work.

Curriculums, a perfect combination of theory and practice, are is updated with current techniques and technologies, and moreover, can receive inputs from studentsinput from students is welcome. I value the fact that Nnearly every single professor in Kellogg’s EMBA program is the author of the famous bookshas authored a book, among and they are all being a true pioneers in their field.

The current EMBA curriculum emphasis on gGeneral mManagement and along with an excellent choiceexcellent options for of global electives (such as gGlobal initiatives in mManagement) will enhance my knowledge in global markets. All these things will help me formulateing an effective global sStrategy for the product development at SyncadaXXXXX. My long- termcareer goalsand establishing my own in Ccompany in eE-commerce requires me to sell my ideas effectively to the prospective customers.

Marketing, Kellogg’s best-known strength, will put me at aon a fast track to achieve my thesegoals. Kellogg’s worldwide nNetwork is huge and nearly one third of its alumni reside outside North America and I want exploit it one I wish to to build upon . I would like to and grow relationships with influential leaders across the world. Finally, the city of Chicago is a serious plus that will put me in the heart of one of the world’s business capital. The proximity to the Minneapolis is always plus for me to reduce my travel time to Kellogg.

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