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In an ever-evolving technological world, Party Plates want to create a business where Party Plates sales and marketing team can network consistently with our clients in a team effort as well as to initiate items and inventory to increase local and regional communication to achieve corporate goals. To uphold these objectives, Party Plates LLC, recommends using two wireless technologies that will support new ideas as well as assisting in facilitating calculated financial goals. Party Plates choices are iPads and iPhones. These devices would make it possible to create new way of thinking about the way we work and gain knowledge as well as do business in general. Party Place chose iPhones and iPads because these devices are becoming very common in the way business is handled these days. To keep up with competition these are the best selections for our company. It has been proven that these devices work not only in the consumer market but also in the workforce as well. These chosen wireless devices have the capability to assist Party Plates sales and marketing team to provide outstanding customer service. Our store rep can simple take out his or her iPhone or iPad and assist the client with a purchase while on the floor without needing to go into the back and have the customer wait to receive the status of inventory on the floor.

This is a perfect example of how these technologies will assist Party Plates in becoming an outstanding company. (Warren, 2013, p. 1) While researching the iPhone and iPad, our team came across several pros and cons to help businesses make a decision on whether they want to incorporate iPad or iPhone into their business functionality. The pros are; they are resourceful at managing document, and give him or her the ability to document and sign forms right then and there. The iCloud program allows the personnel to store customers and inventory information without monopolizing the memory on the iPhone or iPad. Touch-point applications would make it easier for the customer when placing orders. It has the capability of video chat/conference through Skype or Facetime. The iPhone and iPad has access to an expansive inventory of apps to help with any CRM systems to enhance your business. The cons are; the battery cannot be replaced. The memory cannot be upgraded (put has iCloud). He or she cannot send group e-mail.

Not convenient when editing a large form or document. He or she cannot read a PDF file in Flash but they do have apps like the GoodReader Pro that enables you to read PDF file even if it was generated in Flash. They do not have a USB port. The one hugh drawback to iPhone or iPad is that they are not compatible with any other programming systems other than their own. (“ Complete list of iPad advantages and disadvantages,” n. d., p. 1) The justification for our decision to incorporate iPhones and iPads is that these devices are becoming customary in business settings. The wireless devices can assist Party Plates sales and marketing team members to present outstanding PowerPoint presentations remotely to include conference calling. Other advantages are that they offer extensive applications, mobility to access e-mails, schedule calendar events, Internet access, and manage financial data. According to The Paypers (2013), “ RIM has been selected by EnStream, a joint venture between Canada-based mobile carriers Rogers, Bell and Telus to enable Canadian consumers to pay with their smartphones through mobile wallets.” (para1) This is a huge milestone in the world of competitive wireless technologies, however, the iPhone and iPad currently offers seamless functional area feasibility through m-commerce apps or Apple’s Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).

To further illustrate, “ Here’s where an uber-secure iPhone+Passbook could succeed where Wallet, Isis, and other mobile payment initiatives have failed; by moving the credit card transaction from the point of sale to the App Store.” (Marko, 2012) Through the use of cutting-edge wireless technologies such as the iPhone and iPad; the Sales department can monitor ad-hoc reports and support m-commerce transactions, while the Marketing department can incorporate captivating videos and graphics using quick response (QR) codes to assist consumers in locating themed or specific products. It is important to know that all access points are not safe.

There are precautions Party Plates may implement when using public accesses. We should avoid connecting to unknown public access points. Never use public “ open” networks to access your banking, credit card or other sensitive sites and always establish a VPN connection as soon as you connect to the Wi-Fi (“ The Pros and Cons of Using Computer Tablets,” 2011, p. 1) With all the research provided in this proposal it is easy to see why iPhones and iPads would be beneficial to Party Plates. iPhones and iPads make the company accessible to customers from virtually anywhere. Party Plates being this accessible set up the company’s market to expand greatly. The more Party Plates shows their improvements in technology the more their customers can access them and the more profits are set to be made.


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