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Words cannot describe…

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The other day I was in my 12th grade (senior) English class. I signed up for the class, even though I am a junior, because I wanted to be in a class with mature, intelligent students, that I could relate to. (I am a fast reader and an exceptional writer) But I was extremely shocked to find 90% of the males in that class had a reading level of 7th grade or lower! On this particular day in English class, I was assigned to read in a group that consisted of me and 3 other boys. (All of whom are in that 90%) We alternated reading paragraphs at first, but if we had continued that way we would have never finished before the class was over. (By the way, it was only a 2 page long chapter.

) They decided I would go first. So I did. And when I was done it was the first boy’s turn. “ Th-th-th-th…

” I heard come from his mouth. “ Th-th..” he continued. “ Theory,” I said, surprised.

“ Oh yeah whatever I knew it,” he defended himself. And again. “ Co-con…

Conva..” he struggled again. “ It’s Conversation, Victor.” I said a bit agitated now. And when it happened the third time, with the third boy, I decided to offer to read the whole thing myself.

And I did. Afterward I let the teacher know that I would NOT be part of a group that did not read at their grade. They obviously should not be in a class to advanced for them. Its sad. My brother is heading down the same road.

(not that I am sexist or anything, I just don’t know any girls with the same problem.) Everyday I try to push him to read but he says his teachers don’t tell him to, so he won’t. That right there is wrong. Those teachers are setting him up to fail! And the last thing I want for my kid brother..

. is to fail in life… But there is obviously nothing I can do.

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